Replacing the C-guard for Siemens Pure 500 hearing aids
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My husband's hearing aid's C-guard slipped out, and any new one we try to insert gradually worms its way out and pops out too. Any advice on getting it to stay in until we can make an appointment?

My husband recently got a new set of hearing aids (Siemens Pure 500), and this evening, the plastic C-Guard popped out. We tried to put in a new one, but nothing we tried would stay in. He has a custom earmold, not a dome. He'll make an appointment at the audiologist tomorrow, but he has a big meeting coming up tomorrow morning and needs his other hearing aid. Is there something we're doing wrong or some way to keep it in for a few hours? The instruction manual just says to insert the new one, but that's not working all that well.
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When pressing the new C-Guard into place, it should make a 'click'. Does it do that?

BTW, not sure about your model, but isn't the C-Guard an accessory to the HA, and so can be used without it? I mean, at least temporarily. (I would be sure that ear canal is clean and dry before attempting this).
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No click. It's going into this really soft plastic, and I can't see that there's anything on the inside of the hole for it to lock into or anything like that...

My husband's asleep now, so I can't ask, but I'm not sure about using it without the C-Guard -- it seems like if that was OK he'd do it, but he might not have thought about it.

At the least his other hearing aid works, and he can get through the meeting, but it's very frustrating with just one of them...
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The C-Guard is part of the dome (the soft tip on the end of the receiver for this product). It is not meant to be replaced, the entire dome needs to be changed if this happens. You should ask your Hearing Care Professional about getting a small supply of domes, as your husband will need to change these periodically anyway - they will only last up to several months each, optimally. If you had to wear the dome without the C-Guard very temporarily, this is possible, but be aware that wax in the ear canal could damage the receiver and this is not the ideal solution.
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I just noticed your husband is wearing a custom earmold and not the dome - sorry! Do you know where the custom earmold was manufactured (earmold laboratory)?
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