Really need some help with a file that doesn't exist
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Please help me. I have installed "one care". As you can see it recomends that "ad-aware" should be removed, however when I press "unstall now" I get the second screen. I have searched for this file and have found no such file. On page three I have found "ad-aware" in programs2, but I have no idea what to do now. I keep getting the screen on page one and I also get a notice that their are trojans that keep popping even though I have not gone to any web sites but have connected with the net. I hit "clean all" and yet the same trojans keep popping up. Thank you.
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Response by poster: Sorry, here's the address
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It would help if the image you are linking to was located on a public server. As it is now, we would need your MSN password to access it. Try ImageShack.
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Without looking at the images, and having never used One Care, it's hard to give good advice, but let me try: Close One Care. Go to Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs. If you see 'Ad-aware,' or 'Lavasoft Ad-Aware,' on the list, select it and choose 'uninstall.' Follow the instructions, then shut down and restart the computer and run One Care again. After you do that, does the problem persist?
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I can't imagine why it wants AdAware to be uninstalled. That's not a virus or trojan, that's a competing product.
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And Microsoft has such a great reputation when it comes to competing products.

(Also, Googling for 'onecare adaware' returns a lot of relevant results: Windows forums, AdAware forums, CNET forums, security blog, etc.)
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