Fold flat paper Sunglasses
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Where could I buy paper glasses that could act as decent sunglasses? Polarizing glasses (for 3d movies) would be close, I just need them to be darker.
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Email these guys and ask for samples.
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Best answer: My opthamologist's office has a box of these (actually, nicer ones that look more like sunglasses and are darker) on the reception desk. They're for patients who've had their eyes dilated. Try calling a few eye doctors near you and see if you can score a few pairs.
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Response by poster: Ohhh! Oriole Adams points out something I can't believe I didn't realize... that's almost certainly the ticket. Does anyone know who supplies the medical community?
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Response by poster: Hahaha, okay, so they're called "post mydriatic spectacles". None of them really look like the anaglyph glasses (which is the aesthetic I'm after), but admittedly have their charm.
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Also note that polarizing glasses for 3d movies do NOT block ultraviolet light and should never be used as sunglasses.
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Get one pair post-mydriatic spectacles, one pair anaglyph glasses, and use scissors and glue to make what you need?
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You might want to check with your local Lenscrafters. I had some eye test done at their optometrists involving putting some kind of drops in my eyes to check dilation or something, and they gave me a set of paper sunglasses to wear on the way home. I'm guessing they have a crate of them in back somewhere.
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Best answer: Would the type designed for viewing a solar eclipse be too dark? I remember glasses like these being handed out in school to view an eclipse. Alternatively, "disposable sunglasses" seem to exist and apparently fold flat.
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