Name our team of bankers!
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Help me name my sales team!

We've launched a friendly competition among various salespeople in our district, and need to come up with team names. We have been teamed across branches (I am teamed with sales people throughout the region)

I'm not very original, so I'm probing the hive mind for some ideas!

1) We're BANKERS (selling financial products in local branches)
2) Four people on the team, first name initials are E, T, L, and N.
3) It's a SURVIVOR theme, we're having "tribal councils" and the like.
4) The four of us are in branches in towns called Oakville, Milton, and Georgetown.
5) It's a professional environment, so we can't have names that are sexual, offensive, etc.

Thanks hivemind!
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High Plains Grifters.
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With the initials, they make LENT, which besides being the christian holy period, also has a financial connotation, so maybe "Money Lent" or similar?

For the survivor part, go silly with exotic-sounding fake words, like "The Iwannasellyasumthin Tribe" or similar.
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Thanks guys.

If you have problems with banks, wanna keep it to yourself?
posted by smitt at 10:10 AM on June 20, 2008

Oakville, Milton, and Georgetown? I suggest 'OMG BANKERS LOL'.
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There already IS an OMG, but it has nothing to do with banking.
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The Golden Horde
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The Shiny Asses (too rude?)
posted by Jofus at 10:35 AM on June 20, 2008

How 'bout Nickles and Dimes?
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I kinda like the OMG theme -- how about OMG Junta? Sounds vaguely tribal.....
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The Warring Bankers
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The Cosbys
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We Will, We Will BANK YOU
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Team Laser Explosion!
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A Wunch of Bankers.
No Accounts.
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No Fear Refis
The Creamsicles
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seconding The No-Accounts - that's awesome.

Also: Kevin.
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The Large Deposit Posse
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The Four Dollar Bills.
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I suggest it in every "name my team" thread I see: I really do not think you can go wrong naming your team Dumbledore's Army.
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Team Echelon
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Kick Yer Assets
Banking on Immunity
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I feel that team names should include Pirates or Ninjas. Account Ninjas works, but Pirate Bankers has a video clip. (accountants, actually, but would work. It's from Meaning of Life)
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Are anagrams too nerdy? You could be Inane Suits (annuities), Gator Gems (mortgages)... or how about Yomen? (money)

Lions of Credit, The Prophets, Loan Rangers?
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Hi Fi
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Nthing No-Accounts.
posted by Ynoxas at 1:28 PM on June 21, 2008

Thanks everyone.
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