Is there a credit card virtual account number service out there that is usable via a mobile phone browser (i.e., a browser w/o Java or Flash support)?
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I need to be able to generate virtual credit card account numbers (ala the service provided by DiscoverCard or CitiCards) via my mobile phone browser. The DiscoverCard and CitiCards web services seem to require either Java or Flash support in a browser, neither of which my phone supports. I've got a V3XX, and can use the built-in browser or Opera Mini. Any services out there that would support this configuration?
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For this purpose could you have the webapp supply the number in a hidden form field or something? Or on a second reading, is it that the card service API requires the Java/Flash in order to submit any number from a browser?
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Off the top of my head, a work-around for this might be to use something like LogMeIn to access a PC in your office. Us that PC to generate the numbers.
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The problem is the interface for managing/generating virtual account numbers with these services is entirely within a java or flash interface (i think flash). There is no API available. And I don't submit the numbers, they are generated by the service.
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Why not generate a bunch ahead of time and keep them in a secure place online?
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