Please help identify my mixed puppies breed...
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Please help identify my mixed puppies breed... Pictures inside

Yes, another id my pups breed questions :). After getting hounded by this question everytime I walk the girl, I have come to the green for help.

Here is Anza:

The first 2 are at about 12 weeks old, the second 2 are at about 16 weeks old.

We know that the mother of the pup was a lab. 100%? Not sure, but we did see the rest of the puppies in the litter. 3of the six looked like standard yellow lab. 1 was spotted (we adopted) 1 looked like a rotty/lab, and one had longer hair like a golden.

Right now, at 5 months, she weighs about 30 lbs. The humane society told us to expect an 80 lbs dog at full grown. How likely is this? I have heard that at 5 months, she is 75% of her adult weight?
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Lab X Australian Shepherd is my guess, although it's entirely possible that dad and or mom were also mixes, but blue merle colouring like that is seen most commonly in Aussies (and Shelties, but they're likely too small, and Catahoula Leopard Dogs, but they're not common outside some areas of the South, and occasionally in Collies, but less commonly than in Aussies, so Aussie is my bet: they are the most common blue merle breed). There might also be some German Shepherd in there. You can't necessarily go by the other pups, since there can be different fathers of the same litter. As for size, it can be very hard to predict, many dogs are at their full height at 12 months, but continue to fill out for another 6-12 months, I doubt that the 5 months=75% adult weight idea is actually true for most breeds, especially larger ones. She's cute, enjoy her (and get into classes if you aren't already - she looks smart and smart dogs need to work).
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looks to me like there's some catahoula in there.
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Maybe some Australian Shepherd because of her markings.
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I am far from knowledgeable about dog breeds, but could there be some German shepherd there?
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Response by poster: Biscotti, sounds like you know a lot about dogs :) The most common guess on the street is Aussie Shep, Aussie cattle dog, and Catahoula. Apparently the white tip of the tail and the merle is in all 3 of those.
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The face is so remarkably German Shepherd, I'd be amazed if she wasn't a bit of that.

And Lab, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever are all active, trainable dogs. I second the classes suggestion. Good luck. And congrats, she's painfully cute.
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Shepherd mix. I would have thought plain old German shepherd, but as always I bow to biscotti.
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I'm not seeing the cattle dog - her proportions are wrong. Also, most (but not all) cattle dogs have a bentley mark (a white spot) on their foreheads, and they don't have floppy ears.

Her face looks like a lab to me, while her coloring suggests German shephard and Australian shepherd. You'll be able to tell better once she's older. What a cutie!
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The blue spotty markings made me think Australian Blue Heeler. Googling it got me the Australian Cattle dog, which seems to have a wider range of colorings than I was aware of. (The last photo down, or those pictures of the Aussie Shepherd, but with short hair, are what I've seen before.)
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Oh, and ditto biscotti's last tip - if it's a strong mix of working dogs like shepherds, heelers, etc., it will be smart. Which means it will need active things to do or it will go slowly nuts. Give Anza a job and/or teach her lots of commands and use them.
[Friend with a Heeler, who had some mobility problems, would just take him to a nearby park with lots of kids; friend would sit on a bench and watch the dog "herd" children (and ducks) for a while. Never taught dog to do this - it just naturally tried to round up any scattered assemblage wherever it went. Can't do that and stay in an apartment all day.]
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Like everyone else says, Biscotti's way more of an authority than I'll ever be, but the facial structure does look a lot like that of my German Shepherd mix.
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I am 90% sure she's a catahoula mix. I have a catahoula/rottie myself. The catahoula version of the merle coat is very distinctive to me.

What a cutie! I agree that you should do some training! My dog has that same herding instinct which is both amusing and annoying. He doesn't like it when people are standing around talking, which makes parties difficult.

Catahoulas also have strong protective instincts, which would reinforce the need for training.

Someone else here at MeFi has a catahoula mix but I can't remember who! Hopefully he will drop in to comment.
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50% cute, 50% heartbreakingly adorable.

Seriously though, immediate thought from photo 2 is Rottweiler.
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So cute! Australian and German shepherd mix, I think -- a swell combo (as I had a great girl with just that mix for years, and she was very similiar to yours!)
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Super cute mix whatever it is. Looks to me like there might be some beagle in there (shape of the snout, white tip on tail)
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Here's a book that might help you (or future askers of this type of question):

The Mutt Book
What is the mix behind your mutt? Of course, we love them just as they are, but knowing which breeds went into your mutt’s make-up will help you understand more about his nature and what he needs to live a happy life. With this book, you’ll learn how to identify physical traits you can use to decode your dog’s ancestry. With extensive descriptions of different characteristics and which breeds to find them on, full-color images, and more than sixty wonderful dogs with gloriously mixed backgrounds, The Mutt Book: Decoding Your Dog’s Heritage will let you get to know your mutt like never before!
It's organized by physical trait rather than breed. So if your dog has pointy ears, you turn to the pointy ears section to see which breeds tend to exhibit that trait. Same for coloring, tail type, facial structure, etc. Much easier to use than all those encyclopedia-style dog breed books.

FWIW, I also see Aussie Shepherd in your pup.
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All the Australian cattle dog mutts that I encounter always seem to get the tail. (Thick, hung low, and slightly curved.) I have no idea why this is, but it's pretty consistent. Female ACDs don't typically get to more than 35 or 40 pounds either.

From the photos, it doesn't look like your pup has the tail and it sounds like she is going to get quite a bit bigger.

There is clearly looks to be some kind of herding dog in your pup though, so I'd guess Australian Shepherd and something else. Maybe a lab or a German Shep.
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She does look a lot like the rottweiler mix I used to have-- ears, face, muzzle shape, general proportions as far as I can tell. Mine looked almost exactly like this pup (the ears there would be black) and was just over 80 lbs as an adult. I kind of wish I knew what the other half of mine was; she was a very even-tempered and smart dog.
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Hi! I might be the aforementioned person with a catahoula mix. She looks to me like she might have some Catahoula Leopard Dog in her, but that's probably my regional bias. Around here, we get lots of Catahoulas, but they're not a common breed in all parts of the country.

I see maybe a smidgen of beagle, and german shepherd, lab and some herding breed that carries the merle gene. I can say, almost for sure, that she doesn't have any Australian Cattle Dog in her.

From her photos, I see a very, very smart little dog who has quite a bit of spark. Go ahead and get that girl enrolled in a beginner's class right away! You'll be the star of the class.
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Such a beautiful pup pup. What's her name? She's looks like a German Shepherd-Catahoula mix to me. You can order dog DNA tests now if it's really killing you to know for sure. Google Wisdom Panel MX. As for size I think you're supposed to double the weight at 4 months to approximate the adult weight.
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