Last pre-fatherhood birthday gift recommendations?
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Birthday gift recommendations: this will be the last birthday before he starts getting Father's day presents too.

Expectant father.
37 year old male.
Mac geek.
Quitting smoking.
Seattle resident, formerly Canadian.

Hive mind, what's a gift you got/gave or wished you'd got before the baby arrived?
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Hate to be cliched, but video camera. Also, iPhone. I used nothing more than the iPhone...took a million baby pics, emailed them to grandmas instantly, checked email while rocking a sleepy baby, took notes on her naps, etc.
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If you're looking for something related to becoming a father this book has been my favorite so far. It condenses the information you need to be a dad down to its essence. I read it before the baby came and really liked it, and have referred back to it many times since he was born.
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Is the gift more for him, or for him about to become a dad? I'm just thinking back that my daughter was born close to my birthday, and I appreciated non-new-dad-type gifts, because they reminded me that I'm more than just a dad to a new greatly pooing human.

Being a new dad is a huge change; being a dad is important, but it's not ALL he is. Maybe a hobby-related gift or something he'll enjoy sans baby when it's his turn to take a break from the wipe-diaper-repeat dance.

I wish the iPod Touch was out when I was a new dad, that's for sure. Does he have an easy to use and light digital camera? Maybe splurge for the Pro Flickr account to post images to family and friends? Something from Think Geek for his office/cube? He'll need caffeine, so beans from Starbucks or other location? Maybe some calling cards to check in with distant family and friends?

If you go the baby book route, I enjoyed this book. It's less about how to change diapers and feed, but more of a slightly humorous look at a guy growing up to be a good dad. Might be a sense of optimism and support for your friend.
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TIVO or a DVR! We actually got ours before the baby came (i think it was around 24 season) knowing the few things we watched regularly we'd miss (yes you can see some online but my pref is seeing on TV).

Also is he a music fan? I can't live without my Sirius. Online, in the car, or in the house i'm always listening.

Regarding the iPhone or touch i'd actually reccomend the classic - more memory. not only do i have gigs of tunes on mine but I have every picture every taken, my favorite movies, and most of the babies movies always with me.

Congrats and Best Wishes!
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