Why are these red plastic cups so common in teensploitation movies and TV series?
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PartyCupFilter. In teensplotation movies and TV series, these party cups often feature predominantly
whenever there's a party situation going on. Why is that? Are they a generic low budget brand, do they come free with kegs or are they the choice of a cool generation?

...and yeah, I realize this probably isn't Ask Metafilter's finest moment, but I really want to know.
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Best answer: Those are Solo cups. Also in blue and yellow, and they just are usually the most popular cups of that size.
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um, I have a bag of those in my cupboard. several companies make them. dixie, for example. I think the brand I have is 'jack frost'.
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yeah solo
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot, I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my heart!
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In addition to them being everywhere and cheap, they have the advantage for film/tv of bearing no logo meaning nothing has to be cleared, legally, to show them. They also don't break when the unruly extras hurl them when they realize how boring "the movie business" is.
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Also, in real life, these are solid cups, perfect for keg drinking. They last all night, unlike wax or paper cups. Don't forget to mark yours with a Sharpie.
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soundsofsuburbia: I knew the answer and was prepared to help, but even though I was too late, my hat is off to you for inspiring me to find the answer to a question I've always had: why are all the disposable coffee cups in NYC Greek art themed? And as a bonus I even found out that the cups were recently updated for the Olympics.
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Could there possibly be something to fact that the cups are opaque--meaning viewers can't actually tell what's inside the cup, thus protecting the studio from any silly liability stuff? For instance, perhaps they can't actually show teens drinking alcoholic stuff on TV, so they put whatever in the solo cup.

All the frat parties I went to in college used the mega-cheap clear versions, so I think their use in visual media may be as much due to legal issues as to the cup's general popularity.
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Response by poster: Stoatfarm: Lovely! I've been pondering that question as well! Thank you!
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do they come free with kegs
Yes, or did.
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Stoat, sounds: I believe the Greek theme reflects the once mighty empire of Greek diners that blanketed our fair land from coast to Costas, but which were as thick in the City as Original Ray's Famous Pizza.

I think, anyway.

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Ha! This has incidentally answered one of my long-standing puzzles when reading American books, namely what the hell a "Dixie cup" is.
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My opnion (as if it matters):

- No brand name on the cup means no royalties or lawsuits.
- A clear cup might be tough to capture on film clearly (ha ha).
- When the actors are pretending they're drinking beer, the fact that it's apple juice or some other not particularly beer looking drink doesn't stand out.
- If the scene has to be shot too many times and the actors don't drink anything from the cups, it doesn't show.
- It looks "normal".

Just my guesses. I don't film things.
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- If the scene has to be shot too many times and the actors don't drink anything from the cups, it doesn't show.

Related to that, the continuity folks don't have to worry about the level of liquid in cups in multiple takes of a scene.
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i_am_joe's_spleen: a "Dixie cup" reference is probably implying a really small cup, maybe 3 oz., like you'd rinse out with at a dentist office.
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also: the cups opacity make them perfect for camping in state parks where alcohol is prohibited.

i_am_joe's_spleen: as well as what msacheson said, Dixie brand cups were widely promoted in the US back in the 50's and 60's as a sanitary measure. they sold millions of dispensers and billions of refills in ad campaigns aimed at eliminating the ubiquitous glass tumbler found at the bathroom sink.
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and they often had riddles or jokes or pop culture stuff printed on them (but most often were daisies in my family's bathroom)
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or I call them..."whooo" cups.
as in drunk frat boys, holding them aloft and screaming "WHOOOO!"
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aren't they also called "go-cups" in some places? (The big ones--i'm thinking New Orleans, but it's been a while since i was there)
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They called them "keg cups" in my neighborhood. And, yes, they are ubiquitous at parties -- until you get to the higher class parties that have real dishes.
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They can also make wonderful signs on overpasses that either support the USA or ask Sharon for her hand in marriage.

Beyond being cups, I think those are the only uses they were designed for.
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do they come free with kegs

Every time I've bought a half-barrel, they get thrown in for free.
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Are they called Dixie cups outside of the South? Where do those coffee cups with the poker hand come from? Vending machines? I've never had vending machine coffee.
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They're called Dixie cups in southern California.
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Ah sweet memories of misspent youth. Those cups were my companions at many happy moments.

One time, right after me and pips started dating, we were parked outside a public park shooting the breeze around midnight. Some kids were talking nearby, but we didn't pay them no mind. After a while one kid knocked on our window. He had a solo cup full of beer in one hand and two empty ones dangling from the other's fingers.

"We got a keg in the woods behind the park. 3 bucks a cup?"

We looked at eachother and said what the hell, sidled up to the keg and had a good old time with a bunch of sodden teens.

That kid's probably a captain of industry today.
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Dixie Cups is a brand name that for a long time (still?) was ubiquitous, like Kleenex or Jell-O.
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I never understood people who mark their cups with a Sharpie, or put a wine charm on their wine glass. This implies they are setting their drink DOWN at some point. I just don't get it.

I can't believe you've never encountered Solo cups! I've rarely been to a kegger (not that I go to those anymore) that wasn't using them. That's what your three bucks gets you.
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Response by poster: agregoli: I'm from Sweden, we don't have kegs over here...
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