Email notification screensaver for Windows
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Is there any (fancy and/or free preferable) Windows screensaver that shows the number of unread messages using POP3 and/or IMAP?

On ideal world, what I would really like is a screensave that sits on top of your regular screensaver (inside its configuration you could pick what would be the background screensaver) and the notification could then be placed (like a watermark) on top of it.

Is there anything close to that? If not, what would be the closest matches, considering the fancy and free preference, even though I would pay for a really good one.

Any suggestions?
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Overlaying ontop of another screensaver may be an issue. It'd take a decent amount of WinAPI trickery to get everything to work properly, but it should be possible to write, should you really want it. I don't know of anything like it, though. If you want it for a specific screensaver, reimplementing the screensaver would probably be a more straight forward job.
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