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I'm looking for decent stock web elements that aren't from 1998, but I'm totally stuck. Where should I go?

All my googling results in 4 Hour Work Week-style stock sites that are clearly SEO-optimized, but don't seem to have very many if any stock illustrations or animations for professional website use that look or feel at all modern or of this decade. Any links would be greatly appreciated!
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Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but you might browse around on DeviantArt. There are lots of Creative Commons licensed icons and such.
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Either use clearly licensed Creative Commons material (and stick to the license terms), or just buy images/icons from places such as iStockphoto for a few dollars. It's not worth trawling around for free stuff that may turn out to not actually be free.
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Best answer: Blue Vertigo Web Design Resources. Tons of links to stock art sites, both free, low cost and commercial.
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2nd iStockphoto. Now that I'm using them, I recognize their art on sites everywhere.
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istockphoto is the go-to

Sometimes people post stuff on Flickr but I've never figured out how people find stuff there.

Fotolia, Dreamstime and Shutterstock are others.
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Try Flashden.

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sxc.hu has some good stuff. Create a free account and search for "icons."
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(also a search for "buttons" on sxc.hu has a lot of results.)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Blue Vertigo led me to Vectorstock, which was a winner.
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