How to power a Canon EOS from the grid?
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Where can I find a AC power adapter (not battery charger!) for the Canon EOS / Digital Rebel series?

I've built an intervalometer to shoot time-lapse series with my Canon EOS 400D (Digital Rebel XTi in the US); it works great, but my camera battery goes dead a long way before my memory card is full. Now I'm looking for a way to power the camera via an AC adapter. USB via the digital plug doesn't seem to work, as it blocks the camera's OS.

Are there any AC adapters for the EOS series? Not a battery charger - but a device to plug the camera into the power grid?

DIY solutions are fine too - I just don't want to solder anything into my camera.
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Ah, I didn't notice you're in Switzerland. Well you should be able to find european stores that sell it now that you know the part number.
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Best answer: Sterlingtek (ResellerRating) has an ACK700 AC Adapter Replacement (ResellerRating) has two different models that appear to work (ACK-DC20 and ACK700)

I haven't ordered anything from these companies, but have heard good things about Sterlingtek batteries. It seems both can ship internationally, too.
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Response by poster: perfect, thanks to both!
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