Can you identify this font?
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What is the name of the font from the title sequence of the Italian Job? (the good one, with Michael Caine, that is).

Here is a link to the screengrab It is from the 1969 film The Italian Job's title sequence. What is the name of this font? Is it available from somewhere? Is there anything out there remotely similar? Thanks for any help!
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I don't know if you'll find the exact font, just because of the age of the film and how much typesetting has probably changed in 40 years.

Using WhatTheFont?, I didn't come up with any matches for that "I" or "J". But there are a few fonts that are (sort of) close for the lowercase letters: Zav-Tone, San Remo Casual, Kursivschrift.
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The movie being from 1969, there's a good chance that there is no associated font. The title is definitely hand-drawn (as are most logos, movie and magazine titles these days) so it's very possible that it's just a one-off mash-up of several different typefaces.

But if you really want to look for something similar, start querying upright script typefaces, as there aren't too many out there.
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Jabber is correct. It's hand lettered. And quite unique. No font quite like it. Also interesting as n upright script, but with an entirely different feeling is Prater Script.
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