My stacks of DVDs are close to Jenga.
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Looking for a good, cheap way to store my DVDs.

My DVD collection is growing and I need a good way of storing them. I like having the cases on display, so anything involving cabinets or boxes is not what I'm after.

Ideally, I'd like some kind of shelf system that allows me to stack the DVDs horizontally, like books. If I get something like a bookcase, I want the bookcase to not be too deep. If it's deep, then you can't really see the DVDs on the bottom, you know?

I'd like the shelf to be durable, but on the cheaper side, if possible. Wood (or something that looks like wood) is preferred to metal. I've searched for this online, but have only really been able to find big cabinets that cost hundreds of dollars.

I have about 225 DVDs now, and the collection is expanding. Does anybody know of a good place to find furniture like this? I've tried the Container Store in NYC, Bed Bath and Beyond, and various places online that have all been really expensive.
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Ikea has a lot of shallow shelving systems designed for CDs and DVDs.
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"Find" some milk crates (often I see them sitting behind gas stations) and buy a bag of plastic zip ties. Then all you have to do it connect the crates to each other by lacing the zip ties through the convenient holes. I have a 10 foot tall shelving system that works great except for the fact that no matter what I do the room will look like a college student's.
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Here in Boston we have a number of 'unfinished furniture' stores that sell unfinished wood DVD shelves of all different sizes, something like these but they were a lot cheaper.
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