Solution for ride from Chilliwack to Vancouver airport?
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I live in Chilliwack in BC and find myself wanting to go to the Vancouver airport pretty frequently. I'm really interested in a shuttle service ala SuperShuttle that will take me to the airport and then home but have so far only found AirportLinkShuttle which hasn't worked out for me yet (I was the only rider last time I wanted to use them which means they charge double). Is there some solution for getting to the airport that doesn't include renting a car, or buying a second one? I'm open to car-pooling, public or private transportation - any help?
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Greyhound from the Chilliwack Depot to the Vancouver Depot at Main and Terminal and hop the Quick Shuttle. If the Quick Shuttle isn't feasible, take the SkyTrain to the Four Seasons on Burrard and hop the AirPorter. Or, take the SkyTrain and buses to the airport, TransLink has an online trip planner that'll map out the route and buses to take. Apparently, later this year you should be able to take the Greyhound to Vancouver then ride the SkyTrain right out to the airport.
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The only thing I can think off, is driving (getting dropped off?) to the Abbotsford airport and getting the shuttle that goes between Abby and YVR. This may or may not meet your needs but it may be cost effective for you. It depends if you are leaving a car for any periods of time or just happen to go between the airports during one particular day. If its the day thing, I am sure there is somewhere to park and get the Abby sity but to the airport if you don't want to pay for the parking ($7/day)

only thing I can think of....

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