Where to by good frames in Philly?
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Where in/around Philly to buy really snazzy eyeglass frames?

I'm going to be getting new lenses/frames very soon, and given the whole part-of-my-face thing, I want to find some really cool, flattering, eye-catching (so to speak) frames. The selection at the usual mall chains isn't really doing anything to impress me. Where can I/should I look? Note that while I'm willing to spend some money to make my face look good, I'd rather spend less than more - I really don't care about designer names at all, just cool frame shapes. So what are my options in or around Philly?

(Also, for the purposes of the question, let's please ignore the existence of online options; I'm way too picky about this and really want a physical place to go into, look at things, have somewhere to go back to if anything's wrong, etc.)
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Modern Eye.... there's one in center city, and one in university city. If you're looking for something quirky, unusual, sturdy, etc...
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There used to be a place just east of 18th on Walnut, by Rittenhouse Sq. That's where I always got my glasses--I imagine they're still there, but I haven't lived in Philly since '01. They had a good selection of designer frames (I always wear Oliver Peoples, and they had the full line at the time, plus other stuff).
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If you find a line of frames you think you might like online, most manufacturers have a list of retailers who carry their stuff.
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Yeah it's still there, Admiral. But there's something better nearby. Go to 19th and make a right to Eyesight (past Loie). Nicer frames. Great service. Nice people there who really want to help you. Very expensive. Who could ask for more.
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Be warned that Eyesight and Eye Candy are very expensive.
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The Admiral is referring to Spectrix Optique, I think. They are pricey but have a unique selection and excellent service and craftsmanship. The address is 1845 Walnut on Rittenhouse Square (215) 564-6666. There have a second location in Haverford.
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there's a modern eye at 13th and walnut. too spendy for me, but cool looking frames.

DO NOT go to america's best. they are a fail.
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Does anyone want to give some perspective on what spendy means in context? I've just realized that the last time I got frames, my parents were footing the bill.
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You could easily spend $250-600+ for a pair of frames from the boutique stores. That doesn't include lenses.
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Resolution: Having tried a couple of the above, I was really blown away by the service and helpfulness of the folks at Modern Eye. Also, my new specs are going to looking absolutely amazing on me. Head and shoulders above the others, and they weren't fazed by the fact that I was "pre-shopping" a couple of weeks before actually purchasing.
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