Trailer music used at the Alamo theaters in Austin?
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Longshotfilter: can any Austin folks tell me what music is used in the Alamo's trailer for upcoming events, e.g. midnight showing of Lebowski, Iron Giant, the road show, air sex championships, etc etc.

It's like this little screaming synthy number.
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If you don't need to know right now, you might try shooting them an e-mail. I think they'd be happy to tell you.
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Here's the trailer for those who might be able to identify it. I just got home from the 7:15 Indy showing!
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I have really got to stop hitting the "Post Comment" button so soon. Someone in the comments identified it as Crystal Cat by Dan Deacon.
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Dan Deacon - Crystal Cat
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(and yes, that's the official video)
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(oh, and looking now, it's in the comments of Addlepated's link. But I still feel good for knowing it by ear.)
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Hey, awesome. Thanks.
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I always got responses when I emailed them about neat stuff I saw before the show(s); just throw them an email.
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