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i have an economics/mathematics degree from UT Austin, and for the past 3-4 years I've been teaching math. i dont want to teach anymore so im not sure what all i can do. ive thought about getting a job at a hospital, some accounting job, and financial planning. and im not much of a corporate america person. all ive got goin so far is work through a temp agency. i need some more ideas and so im throwing the idea out to the general forum. please write back with some ideas.
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Many college career offices will help alumni. Why don't you try contacting yours for advice and to find out about job openings?

Also, your post says what you don't like, but you didn't say what you *do* like. That's important in choosing a job.
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Sounds like you have a good background for working as an actuary.
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You might check out the UT Distance Education Center. They create and run UT's online courses. A teaching background is helpful, but a lot of the work is tech related. I was hired there a few years ago to edit math, physics, and chemistry course content and ended up writing some software for them and doing project management for production of their online courses.
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You say you're not much of a corp america person, so...academia? Econ and math are two of the few fields where the demand for PhDs is pretty decent, but obviously scholarly research is something that you have to have a passion for to get through a PhD program.
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creating specs for a software company that produces math or scientific applications?
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