Pineapple seasoning, yum!
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What is that orange seasoning they use in hawaii on pineapples?

I had a friend in college who had transferred from a hawaiian college. He had this orange seasoning which was kinda sweet and savory that he said was used extensively in hawaii on pineapple.

Anyone know what this is? Or what it's comprised of? I would like to try and find it on the internet because it was very good.
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li hing powder?
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Was it li hing powder? I don't think I saw it on fresh pineapple when I was in Hawaii, but it sounds about right from your description (it's sweet and sour and salty).
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If that's it, it's dried plum, and the powder can be sprinkled on any type of dried fruit, gummy candy, or other candies. Even tastes great on popcorn. I miss it very much.

Here's a link to where you can buy some on the internet:
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As everyone has mentioned, it's Li Hing Mui powder.

I've lived in Hawaii all my life, and have never seen people put it on fresh pineapple, though. Li Hing gummy bears/worms and lollipops are common though. The fruit thing must be a recent thing, what with pretentious "pacific rim" chefs now using it in almost everything, having run out of novel cultural things to plunder.
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Looks right - thanks everyone!

As for the pineapple - that's all I've ever had it on. I must try it on other things.
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