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Is there a good tasting, long lasting, hard candy that won't kill my mouth?

I'm looking for some kind of hard candy, I guess something similar to a jawbreaker, that I can keep in my mouth for long periods of time (couple of hours at least). I'm not a fan of jawbreakers because of the massive amounts of sugar; it also leaves my mouth feeling soft and overall weird. It doesnt' have to be sweet necessarily, it just has to taste good.
Does candy like this even exist?

(Bonus: If I could buy this in bulk, or large quantities, that'd be even better)
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Gin Gins hard candies by The Ginger People. You have to really love ginger, though, these suckers are potent. But oh-so-delicious. And ginger is way better (and tastier!) for you than corn syrup and artificial flavors.
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Chewing gum?

Dentyne is cinnamon flavored, and so the flavor lasts a long time. (I dunno that any candy or gum lasts two hours, though.)
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Werther's Originals are smooooooooooth. You can buy 'em in big bags.
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Jolly Rancher
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What about lollypops?

The old-fashioned kind are pretty big.

See's Candies lollipops always seem to last forever, and are soo good.

Jawbreakers are too sugary, do you mean in taste or content? Unless it's sugar-free, most hard candy is going to be extremely high sugar. You want it to last several hours; does it need to fit in your mouth? Given a minimum dissolve rate, the candy piece might have to be pretty big to accomplish this.

Hmm... the best I can think of is Barley candy; which is hard to find. According to this story:

"Barley candy, the concoction’s called. It’s harder than most hard candy. Barley alters surface tension. Candy lasts longer. Hours of licking and sucking. In the late eighteen-hundreds, Atlantic Canadian candy makers worked barley candy into moulds—Santas, reindeer, trains. Barley toys, they’re called. Another name for them was clear toys."

This company seems to sell them but I'm sure Google will turn up more.
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I've been on the lookout for something like this too. Quit smoking using the nicotine lozenge about five months ago and have, er, been taking my time kicking the lozenge. For the time being, the thing that's worked best for me are just plain old Ricola throat drops. Not too sweet, they last awhile, and the taste is pleasant enough.
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These Thai tamarind candies are absolutely the best things I have ever freakin' tasted. I haven't had a problem with them leaving that unpleasant texture in my mouth.
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I'm a fan of the different Nips, especially coffee nips. But they don't exactly freshen your breath or anything, if that's a sub-goal of yours.

Their consistency is less painful to the mouth than many hard candies, I find.
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Have you tried the Baskin Robbins hard candies from Walgreens? They are 10 calories each, last a long time and come in flavors like mint choc. and pralines and cream. They are in the candy aisle.
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I know that you're asking for candy suggestions, but I have to throw this in there: Tea Tree Toothpicks. You can get them from the health food store - no calories (because you don't eat them! they're WOOD), long-lasting zippy flavor, fresh breath! Hooray! I've had this one in my mouth for a week! heh
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