Can you help me make an impression (literally)?
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Can you help me make an impression and/or leave my mark (literally)?

I'm putting together a series of gifts for my partner's birthday all playing on the (slightly corny and very intentionally "punny") theme that she's made a very lasting "impression" on me and/or that she continues to leave her "mark" on my heart.

So far I've ordered personalized M&Ms (she makes me melt in her hands) Sharpies (she will always have a permanent place in my heart), and am having a cake made with a picture of her (sweet face) on it.

Other things I've considered:
Hiking boots (she needs new ones)
a piece of engraved jewelry

I have become known for theme presents. I also know that despite the eye rolls and her indictment of my humor as "grandpa-like," she actually very much appreciates it (it's the stifled laughter that gives her away).

So...I'd love to hear your other ideas (since I regularly use this site to research such things and am always amazed at the amount of creativity around here) - big, small, funny, serious, corny...I'll take them all! Nothing is too outrageous.
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What about one of those wax letter sealing kits with her initial on it? I dunno, cause she seals the deal?
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Custom-made temporary tattoos. Create your own logo or message.
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Well, I think a personalised bookmark would fit right into your theme. So might anything grafitti themed, perhaps. And then for the very literal, there's always Maker's Mark.

And for the very stupid, of course, there's always the tattoo option. Instead of tattooing her name to your, err, arm, you could always give her some very cool temporary tattoos.

And for the absolutely insane, and very committed, there's always branding. (Do not try this at home.) Alternatively, if she's a big meat eater, you guys enjoy BBQing together, or she happens to own a cattle ranch, the personal branding iron is always an option.

Finally, you could enable her to make her own mark with a personal wax seal.
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I don't have anything constructive to contribute except to say that this idea is totally adorable and I'm sure she's going to love it.
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1. Rubberstamps. There's a whole subculture of people who make crafts with different stamps and inks. You could get stamps with her initials or a meaningful picture. Or customized. Example catalogs:

2. Customized embosser. Someone gave me one with "from the library of" and my name when I was a kid. Example catalog:

3. Bookplates that say something ambiguous enough that you could put it on yourself as well as a book, e.g. "this belongs to Beloved Person" or "if lost, please return to Beloved Person".
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Candles/lamp (she brightens your day)? Hot tea (she warms your heart)?

Other 'marks:' Deutsche marks, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch albums, Mark Rothko (oh if only he was an impressionist painter...) prints, Marx Brothers movies.
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You obviously need a Garden Stepping Stone Kit - Googling [garden stone kit] gave a bunch. Or you could get a kit for making impressions of babies' hands.

There's also fingerprint dusting kits. Maybe you can find some of hers on you?

And finally, for something only slightly more adult and/or classy, you could consider Impressionist Art, either in actual art form or cards, puzzles, address book, etc. (I love Pomegranate).
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One more thing: two words:

comedy impressionists
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No no.. make bouillabaisse with a certain kind of bivalve, because she warms the cockles of your heart.

I'll show myself out
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What about having a photo of the two of you turned into a blanket? Or a book personalised with her name in the story (usually aimed at children but depending on your time you could whip off your own story and print it off at Lulu or another vanity press. I handmade one for my then-boyfriend about what I loved about him that was "touch and feel" with sandpaper for his cheeks etc.). A gift certificate for a local mehndi artist (or get her name on your body in mehndi?) The Precious hands kit gives you creative licence to create an impression of any of your body parts - or hers. Your lips would look especially cutes. Does she (or you) have a garden? Plant her name in flowers or create a poem for her in garden stones. Prominent, enigmatic graffiti in some public hard-to-be cleaned off spot she would see daily?
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What about a heart slapper? (link probably nsfw)
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Does she like jazz?
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M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Which is even better IMO.
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Silly putty?

(I'm putty in your hands...)
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Is it sunny where you are at the moment? If you're willing to put your body on the line, you can make a paper stencil and go sunbaking for a day. You'll have a nice little red design with whatever you like on it, which is a fairly literal take of 'made an impression on me'.

Note: skin cancer risk comes free with this idea!
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Bookmarks? That's the joke my boyfriend (named Mark) and I often run into unintentionally ("hey, do you have a bookmark?" "BookMARK! Har har!" "dur...").
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My boyfriend sent me an Amazing Message Plant with a customized message. I think it would work for your needs, as 'your relationship is always growing'. Cute idea!
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