Some Taglines Please?
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Please help me come up with two tag lines: , one for hair braiding and the other for henna tattoos

I'd like to come up with two tag lines to advertise:
1. Henna body tattoos and
2. (African) hair braiding with beads

The idea is to have two separate tag lines I could put on a sign that advertises these services... bonus points for incorporating a sense of fun and summer...

I've been thinking about them for a while but I can't seem to come up with anything punchy and interesting and/or hilarious... I'd appreciate any ideas anyone has
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Henna: Have a summer fling with a tattoo without the long-term commitment.
posted by adamrice at 6:45 AM on June 11, 2008

By punchy/hilarious taglines, do you mean the kind of punny stuff that is curiously common to salon names? Like "Rows By Any Other Name," "Plait and Simple," "The Mehndi City," etc? Or are you wanting to hang out a sign that reads:

[Freakin' Awesome Beaded Braids]
[Really Intricately Cool Henna Work]

where the bracketed copy is replaced by brilliant MeFite suggestions?
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mumkin, I'm looking for more of the first than the seond. Thanks.
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"BodyFun" would work well as a name. It concisely expresses what you're looking to express to customers.
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Taking one of mumkin's examples a step further, what about Plait it Cool ("played it cool.
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