Best bikini clippers?
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What's the best electric trimmer for the bikini area?

I'm looking for affordable clippers for taming the public area. I don't want to shave it all off, I'm just looking for an easy way to trim the hair. I've seen this but it seems kind of expensive for what looks like a standard clipper with fancy packaging. Is there are less branded type you'd recommend that does the job without the risk of shaving it all off or (gasp) injury?
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I'm happy with this.

I've had a few different ones over the years, mostly purchased at Target or CVS.
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Best answer: Any beard trimmer should do the job and they tend to have very easily adjustable guides.

Although it looks like Remington has one that is rebranded as a bikini trimmer that's really quite inexpensive.
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I have an adjustable beard/mustache trimmer and my wife uses it for trimming.

In fact it looks like I have the men's version of the trimmer that smackfu mentions.
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This is what I use. Probably similar to what mrbill and his wife use.

I also use it (sans guard) to shorten my leg hair before razor-shaving if I haven't done so in a while.
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I just use a regular hair trimmer with the longest guard (any shorter and it looks... porn-y)
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the financially painful lesson here is that whenever moving blades are involved -- whether you need to simply trim your pubes or trim your sideburns or to give yourself a buzz cut/shave your head -- cheap often means crappy. crappy as, it may work decently for a few weeks/months then it will suck and don't work, or even worse, won't be sharp to enough to cut hair and it will simply pull on them (ouch). it's about the quality of the steel of the blades, and the quality of the "engine" that makes the blades move.

in the past I bought two cheap battery-powered all plastic trimmers for my sideburns, they lasted less than a year each. I finally spent more for a very good one, and I'm still using that after, I guess, five or six years.
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I will concur that the Wahl corded trimmer/clipper that I have for haircuts kicks the ass of my battery powered beard trimmer, if you want to spend a bit more money.
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I have the Remington one that smackfu linked to and it's great and very gentle.
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I have the Bliss one you linked to, and IT ROCKS. I love the epilator attachment for touching up my underarms and such, tho for more protracted work I use a much better epilator.

Before the Bliss, I used the one smackfu linked to. It was good, but this one is GREAT.
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Found it - mine/ours is the Remington Titanium Body Groomer. "Ideal for Removing Hair from All Body Zones"
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Response by poster: I got the one that Smackfu linked to for women and, never having used one before, it's pretty great.
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