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Professional photographers: What blogs, resources, sites do you use/recommend for keeping up to date, trends, reviews, techniques, experiences with vendors, etc?
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What kind of photography do you do? Good recommendations would depend on if you are talking about wedding photography, personal portraiture, fashion, tabletop, photojournalism, etc.
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PDN has remained one of the most respected pro photography magazines/websites since almost forever. It covers everything and has a great online presence.
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DPReview is something of a standard for equipment reviews. The forums are occasionally useful but mostly full of senseless bickering.
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A fair amount of professionals hang out at Fred Miranda.
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The PDN Blog is PDN Pulse. I also read these on a daily basis:

A Photo Editor
Heather Morton, Art Buyer
Photo Business Forum
Shoot the Blog
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I am a big fan of Some of the biggest names in photojournalism are members. It is obviously focused on sports but the overall focus is on good journalism no matter what the subject matter. Their message boards are a great resource but like any message board can sometimes be cluttered with chatter. You have to apply and have your portfolio reviewed to join oh and pay. But it usually pays for itself because there are a lot of editors that use the site to find photographers.

I second Shoot the Blog. Pretty decent with lots of updates from different aspects of photography.

But honestly without knowing what you shoot, those two sites could be pretty useless to you.
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Rob Galbraith is very good, and often links to some very interesting photography.

I see Fred Miranda has already been mentioned.

Luminous Landscape is good too, and much better than its name.
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I'm a Canadian photojournalism student so I use NPAC as a resource, and my school pays for the membership. Strobist is an obvious one, but I always find neat stuff there. is one I like just because I'm a poor student. And, has some good articles.
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Some of these have already been mentioned, but think of them as more votes in their favor. I read a lot of blogs that link to the work of other photographers, and more often than not it is from more of an art standpoint than a commercial one. BradBane's response named the most commercially themed blogs I know of.

I use these to find inspiration for my own work. The internet is great for that. For more technical stuff I second the tips on dpreview and recommend the strobist (linked below).

A Photo Editor...for outdoor magazine.
A Visual Society
Chase Jarvis is a pro photographer in Seattle.
Exposure Compensation
I Heart Photograph
Marketing Photographs
Strobist is hands down the best site on how to lighting.
The Year in Pictures
Amy Stein's blog
Edward Winkleman knows is art photography shit.
Shane Lavalette knows more than a kid his age should.
Shoot the Blog posts more than seems possible.
The F Stop Mag analyzes commercial shoots in detail.
Conscientious is probably the most well known photo blog out there.
Ground Glass
Heather Morton Art Buyer has an incredible perspective on everything.
Lens Culture
Subjectify is mostly about portraits and just finished a long series of interview with Jesse Mann
Rob Galbraith himself took Canon to task for the 1D Mark III issues and really brought things to light.
Digital Photo Review's news feed is always useful for being up to date on new product. They also post the most thorough reviews.
Ken Rockwell also posts thorough -- and sometimes crazily biased -- reviews.

So...yeah. My google reader is way too full every day and I love it.
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If you're thinking about shooting weddings,

They're a little persnickety (sp?) about membership. You have to hang out in the noob forums called "...Start", and then once you shoot a few weddings, the mod' will bump you up to pro forums and have their hand out. Their forums are worth it, though, if you really want to get serious about shooting weddings. Lots of serious pros on there sharing lots of valuable information. is decent for camera reviews but stay out of their forums, they're overcrowded and polluted by poor moderation (IMO).

RobGalbraith's site had great forums, but they got sold, and now the owners have their hand out, as well.


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