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My SO and I have unique (it seems) taste in dishware. We'd like something that is modern, not monochromatic, and more interesting than just a colored outer ring. We'd like a geometric design in a 16-pc set. Ideally, the dishes would be available from a national retailer in the U.S. so we can add them to our wedding registry. Here is an example of what we like. The example is no longer available for sale. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?
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Response by poster: oh and dishwasher/microwave safe is a necessary but not sufficient condition.
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The stripes in your example reminded me of this set, but if you want less flowery and more modern, my personal Target favorite is this one for the dramatic contrasting color, and the simplicity. I was thinking it could be spiced up with black and yellow place settings/napkins, or a deep purple. Oh also these, but there's so much to choose from at Target, I'm getting carried away. point is, you can get them at about any one of their locations and online. Hope it was a little helpful.
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I would take a look at Macy's. They're national and have a wide selection.

Your linked set reminds me of Denby.

I love your linked dinnerware. It's very pretty and interesting, but keep in mind that a lot of people do like a white center. Food looks good on white. Ultimately, you should buy what you like, but something to think about.
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This is neat-looking.
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I'm pretty sure I've seen plates along those lines at Target. Can't find anything non-boring on the website, though.
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These plates designed by students at my old art school are pretty cool, they are modern but a little more graphic than the example you linked. I see them everywhere, there's a store locator on the website I linked.
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Your linked example reminds me a bit of Cubism by Oneida.
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We have Pop from the Epoch line by Noritake, which has a monochromatic optical illusion theme. We found the whole set online for about $200 and my Mom bought it as an engagement gift, but I'm not sure if it is available from a national retailer. Still, they were the most non-boring dishes we could find.
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Here's a twist on the colored ring I've always had my eye on, which has a geometric arrangement.
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Nobody ever seems to throw out old dinnerware. As a general rule, you can get virtually anything from Replacements, Ltd whether it has been discontinued or not. While it probably isn't the best thing for a wedding registry, it's a good resource to know about. (Especially when you break one of grandma's ancient dishes in a pattern that went out of production 80 years ago... ask me how I know.)
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I always liked the look of iittala's 'Origo' line of crockery.
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We have the Sango Gold Dust Green settings, and love them. They're available at JC Penney, iirc (and amazon, obviously). They've worn very well over the short two years we've had them, and weren't very expensive to boot.
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Check out Pfaltzgraff. In my experience, they tend to have just the kind of thing you're looking for, and they're not super expensive. You may even have an outlet near you -- we do. For instance, this one is reminiscent of your reference dishes, to me. They have a ton of other similar items, though. This set looks nice, has the same color tones, and comes in both round and square varieties. This set, from the same designer, may be of interest as well. Oh, they have a bunch! Hop on over and browse it yourself!
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Anthropologie has some pretty funky dishes too.
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Variations of the 'Gold Dust' line from Target: unspecified, black, sienna.

JcPenney has them too: link.
As does Linens N Things: link.

(From Target, there's also Ombre-Cool, though it's not so geometric.)
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