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So I'm watching the new Nasa documentary on Discovery and it prompted me to renew my search for rocket art. The issue is that if there is such a thing its not easy to find. I'm looking for prints of old rockets/spacecraft in the vein of this. Doesn't necessarily have to be photographic, but at least photo realistic. Anyone have any ideas of where to look? Bonus points if anyone knows of small scale desktop models of the old school rockets (Atlas, Jupiter, Titan, Redstone).
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A bit on the DIY side, but I have downloaded some of the images from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal ("Image Libs" link on the right) and had them printed as 8x10s with great results. Not everything is scanned at high-resolution, but there is a lot that is, and a lot of great color photos of the rockets on the ground. One example.
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Do you have an aviation museum in your area? Many have great gift shops full of this kind of stuff. I see the National Air And Space Museum's online catalog is offline. The Museum of Flight in Seattle is another good example, but I'm sure other museums have similar gift shops.

You might try concentrating your searching by specific spacecraft. For instance, google "X-15 prints" and you'll find Robert McMahon's site, with some nice photos of the X-15 for sale (I especially like the one with the X-15 landing, the StarFighter coming in beside it).
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When I worked at Marshall Space Flight Center I heard they have an archive of these space-themed paintings. Unfortunately the closest I could get to them is to browse lo-res scans.
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