Help me open my Word 2008 docs on top of already open docs!
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Can someone figure out why Word 2008 on the Mac keeps my newly opened doc behind previously opened docs?

I'm working on something like seven different documents right now. When I open a new document (note, not a blank doc, a new doc that I've already written to in the past) it always comes up behind my other documents. No amount of clicking on it will bring it to the front of the others and its really aggravating as it keeps getting thrown down into the dock. My current workaround is to send all the docs on top of it to the dock (is this confusing enough?) until I get to the new doc.

What's going on here and how can I make it open the doc on top of all the others so I can, you know, actually read it and work on it?

I do not use the .docx save as I like to be able to use the documents on any computer and find the xml-ized limits me too much. Could this be part of my problem, is MS trying to tell me to use their new file system (in which case I'll downgrade to 2004)? Or is it just another example of MS publishing crap software and figuring they'll get around to fixing it later?
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it's a bug. did you install the service pack they released a couple of weeks ago? It might have been fixed in that one.
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What version of OS X are you using? Are you using Spaces or some other window/desktop management software? Does the problem persist if you use a fresh user account?
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Response by poster: Ahh, I am using Spaces, I'll shut it off and see if that makes it behave. I'm running 10.5.2 (have heard bad things about 10.5.3).

Plus I haven't installed the service pack. I'll do that if turning off Spaces doesn't fix it.

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I didn't mean 10.5.3 actually -- MS released a service pack fixing bugs in Office 2008. It fixes quite a few bugs, including Spaces, which I can now happily use again.
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The real answer is that word:2008 hates you with an unrelenting hate. I sadly use it almost daily and can speak testament to its sheer contempt and loathing. It likes to play this little game with me where it zips my document windows around to different spaces only to zoom it back to the original space when I hunt it down and click on it again. The service pack didn't really help. If you find an answer my frustration level will drop a lot.
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