Delongpre! DELONGPRE!
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In what movie (or perhaps television show) does a character repeatedly yell the name "Delongpre"?

While in West Hollywood this week, every time I see the street named Delongpre, my mind coughs up the sound of a man yelling "Delongpre! DELONGPRE!" I'm thinking that it must be from a movie or television show. From the way I remember it, it sounds as if the man is being abandoned by someone named Delongpre, and is yelling after them in disbelief. Of course, it could just sound like Delongpre.

Googling has turned up characters named Delongpre in The Player and Two Moon Junction. I'm sure it isn't the latter, and am 99% sure it isn't The Player.

I'm moving into this neighborhood, and I really need to figure out where this mindworm is coming from before I go insane and just yell "Delongpre! Delongpre!" all of the time. Thanks.
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Amelia Delongpre was a character in Veronica Mars. That's all I got... :o)
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Best answer: Mr Show had a sketch set on "The Delongpre Dannon Show", but I don't remember them shouting the name like that.
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IMDB character name search turns up a few characters named this, eg from Bad Boys II, from one episode of Ugly Betty, and more. Might look there, and try different spellings to see if anything rings a bell.
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Mr Show had a sketch set on "The Delongpre Dannon Show", but I don't remember them shouting the name like that.

Ahh! That's exactly what popped into my head when I read the question, but couldn't remember what it was from. A quick search on youtube and google resulted in no video, though.
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Response by poster: It's Mr. Show! It's when David Cross moves from pretending to be a doctor to an audience member. It happens at 12:30 or so in this video.

Thanks. My nightmare is now over.
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Heh. I've lived here for going on 8 years, and to this day, every single time I drive past it, I hear David Cross yelling "Delongpre! DELONGPRE!" Several friends have confided that they have the same Pavlovian response. I wonder if the residents of Delongpre have to put up with hearing people randomly yell it out as they walk/drive/ride past?
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Oh, man, this street deserves better. De Longpre Avenue is named in honor of French artist Paul de Longpre (1855-1911), an early settler whose floral paintings were in great demand, and whose expansive rose gardens and Mission Style manor were among the young town's first tourist attractions. The street was also home for many years to writer Charles Bukowski, and the modest bungalow he rented 'round the way from Pink Elephant Liquor has recently been proclaimed an Historic-Cultural Landmark. So if you have to hear someone shouting the name in your brain, perhaps you can change it to Mickey Rourke's Chinaski voice, or a wacky Frenchman.
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(Lives on De Longpre, never hears idiots yelling name)
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Wow, so I'm not the only one that does this? Awesome.
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