GH3 guitar for PS2 doesn't work with earlier versions?
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GH3 guitar doesn't play well with others.

My lovely family just bought me Guitar Hero '80s for my birthday (PS2), but it seems that our GH3 guitar isn't compatible. The buttons work for navigation but not to play notes. A frustrating scan of the various GH forums seems to confirm that incompatibility, but only in one place, buried way down deep. It just seems weird to me that they wouldn't have made it backwards compatible - otherwise what are people supposed to do who are late to the game? The folks at Best Buy hadn't heard anything about it. Any hacks or suggestions?
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It's the same with rockband/GH for the ps3, although that's a harmonix/activision issue. No end in sight!
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For what it's worth, Gamespot thinks the GH3 guitar IS compatible with Guitar Hero 80s. Are you trying to playing all these games on a PS2 (as opposed to a backwards-compatible PS3)?
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A post on the official Guitar Hero forums seems to confirm that someone got your guitar working and someone else didn't. The GH3 FAQ posted on the old Guitar Hero forums suggests that the guitar should work. You might want to try the official questions/comments forum to see if someone's either answered this question already, or to get some assistance; you might also want to talk to Activision's customer support. It sounds like there's a problem with your guitar, as opposed to a broad compatibility issue.
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