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Where's a decent -- and most importantly, inexpensive -- venue for 50 exchange teachers for a four-day orientation in the NYC Metro area?

I'm working with an intercultural exchange organization that requires students and teachers in certain sponsored programs to attend orientations before and after their stay in the US (from other countries).

One of the events I'm working on is for about 50 teachers from Thailand, China, and Brazil. For four days--their first 4 days of their year teaching in the US--they'll train with us in New York. Not really any time to sightsee. Just lots of training sessions and discussions.

Anyway, we're a non-profit, so we don't have a great budget to work with. In fact, this is one of our lesser-funded programs. We'd like to host the event at a college in the area, but the dates are from August 19-23, right when a lot of schools are going back into session. We can't change the dates--arrangements have already been made and tickets bought, volunteers recruited, etc. etc.

So, what's an inexpensive alternative? We don't mind going out to Newark and the Jersey suburbs, and the the first half of LI wouldn't be terrible, either. Teachers will be flying in and out of JFK, so LI might be better than Jersey, in terms of getting folks to and from the airport.

Any suggestions? We're starting to feel the lack-of-hosting-venue heat!

Thanks for any recommendations/insight you may have!
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Check out the Deer Hill Center,
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The United Federation of Teachers has a very good conference center in lower Manhattan (the Feldman Center). I can't find much information online so I would suggest calling them. I think they probably have special rates for non-profits.
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