Virgin Mobile US to T-Mobile UK. Can we connect?
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Virgin Mobile US to T-Mobile UK. Can we connect?

My friend is on a Virgin Mobile US phone. I'm on a T-Mobile UK phone. I can SMS her, but she can't text or call me ... can you suggest reasons why this could be?

Virgin Mobile customer service claim that I need to be on a certain network, one of which given is ... the network I'm on!
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She's in the UK at the moment with you? Virgin Mobile in the UK IS T-mobile, in france they use Orange. In the US its Sprint. All moot, shouldnt be a technical reason why she cant call you.

The problem with her phone, not yours (unless she can call everybody else).

I take it she's roamed on to T-Mobile? If she cant call you - or anyone - she probably needs to call VM US.
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Nope, she's in the US, I'm in the UK. I've told her to use the 011 44 codes and all that...
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Hi - you mentioned the 011 44 codes etc, etc - she should be dialling 00 44 for a UK phone or +44 e.g. to call your UK number 07812 511 511 she should dial +447812511511? (NB. Number made up)

Does that give you any success?
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What happens when she tires to call you? Does she get a recording? What does the recording say?

A Virgin Mobile USA phone won't necessarily have a way to dial "+", so you're on the right track with the 011 44 business. Make sure she leaves off the trunk code (the 0 after the 44).
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Does her plan allow her to dial internationally? (Can't think why it wouldn't, but these things happen. She might need to activate it - I know I did when I got my T-Mobile UK plan)
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I've been in this situation. Best thing to do is get an international calling card and use that. You'll save loads of money and it'll definitely work. It'll also go a lot further if she calls a landline rather than a mobile.

I'm not sure about the texting situation though. Have you tried just using 0044?
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She's omitting the initial zero of your UK phone number, right?

It's +44 7.... and not +44 07....

(And I've never seen a phone which won't let you enter a +, by the way. It's usually obtained by pressing either the *, # or 0 key twice or three times in rapid succession.)
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