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As per this MeTa post, I'll be over from London to San Francisco for the third week in August. Where can I gig when I'm there?

Being, as I am, a fairly active electroacoustic soloist and London Underground busker, I'm looking to find one or two venues in the evening that have acoustic showcase nights or open mics that I can either book a slot at, or walk up and play. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys!
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The Starry Plough in Berkeley, and The Hotel Utah in SoMa/SF are great places. Both have open mic nights, but they're rather small venues with walk-up sign-up lists.
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Best answer: I don't have direct experience, but I found this link that you might find useful:
Open Mics San Francisco
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I'd second the Starry Plough. Open mic nights are on Tuesdays.
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