Is there an ichthyologist in the house?
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Please help me identify this fish that I found in NYC along the Hudson River.

Here's a couple of shots I took with various feet included for a sense of scale. Unfortunately my cell camera quality is dooky. I found this specimen while biking along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway at around 116th St. It was in the grassy area between the river and the bike path.
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I'm no biologist, but it looks like a Shortnose Sturgeon.
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Woah, interesting find. Some kind of sturgeon would be my first guess. Another picture here. Looks like someone caught it and then left it? Weird. Not that I would eat anything caught in the water next to NYC, but still wasteful.
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I believe that's a sturgeon. It's actually featured on all the signs put in place by the Hudson River Estuary Program.
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Best answer: Related:

Same fish?
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Response by poster: While indeed you all gave correct answers -- and quickly, too -- best has to go to blaneyphoto's answer for providing a link to the specific instance of the fish in question! Here's the full article link.

For those who don't want to click through, it's a blog posting in the NYTimes by a photographer who saw the same fish I did on the bike path. Apparently, it's an Atlantic sturgeon, though it looks a bit more like a Shortnose to me.
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