Collectors item Mountain Dew?
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I went to buy a Mtn. Dew before work last night. The first bottle I picked up had a blue cap, I thought it was a new game. Turns out that it is actually a Sierra Mist with a Mtn Dew lable on the bottle from the factory. What should I do with it, I just had to buy it.
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Have it bronzed.
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Best answer: I guess it depends on what your desired outcome is. If you just had to have it for the novelty of the item, then mission accomplished.

You can, however, call the manufacturer's number on the back and generally, they will attempt to make good on the error by sending you a coupon for a 12-pack and/or some Mountain Dew stuff. They'll ask for some details (serial numbers on the bottle/can, where you bought it, etc) and your name and address. If anyone has ever been the recipient of the "empty but sealed can" in a 12 pack, you probably have made this call before.
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Found some BBQ Lays in a bag of Regular Lays once. Mailed a letter to the company and received a case of potato chips!
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On a side note: often when you call the consumer information line to make a complaint about weird/damaged foodstuffs, you'll end up talking to someone smart in a QC lab, not some nogoodnik in a call center. So that's your chance to ask any funny or weird questions that have been bugging you about your favorite packaged goods. You know, like "Seriously though, why did you guys start printing PULL HERE on the individually-wrapped cheese slices? Were there people in focus groups who just couldn't work it out for themselves?"
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Ebay comes to mind as well.
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>Seriously though, why did you guys start printing PULL HERE on the individually-wrapped cheese slices?

Three words:

McDonald's Coffee Lady.
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Just an aside... here is more info on the McDonalds Coffee Lawsuit
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cadastral, say what they want about the McDonald's coffee lawsuit, the result was still an outrage. The two main points: other restaurants served their coffee colder and she was hurt very badly. Bunn, the leading commercial coffee maker for restaurants, recommends holding the coffee at 185 to 190 F, which is about the same as the coffee in question at McDonalds. How badly she was hurt should not affect whether McDonald’s was liable. Some people have the attitude that somebody must pay every time someone is hurt. I do not buy that, and especially not where the plaintiff hurt herself.
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She had skin grafts.
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What if McDonald's, on the manufacturer's recommendations, handed out loaded Glocks with 2 oz. triggers?
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What do skin grafts have to do with it? She spilled the coffee, not McDonalds. It doesn't take a genius to know that spilling hot coffee on yourself will harm you. How do Glocks make the coffee taste better?
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Everything tastes better when you have a gun in your hand.
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Response by poster: UPDATE: I decided to throw it up on eBay I will never do anything with it. View it here.
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UPDATE: "lable" is spelt "label".
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So, if she inserted her hand in "normal" coffee for 1/2 hour, she could sue because she'd have her hand amputated, right?

McDonald's coffee lady is why Clerks is so funny.

"Whaddaya mean, you don't got any ice cubes? YOU MEAN I GOTTA DRINK THIS COFFEE ***HOT***?!?!?!"

I expect some retard ate the plastic with the "cheese" at some point.

My opinion is simple: If you manage to score a big cash reward, the law should require your picture be on the product from then on, with a big "DON'T BE AS DUMB AS THIS PERSON" warning below it.

BTW: If McDonald's coffee was such a ticking timebomb, why the singular lawsuit? Seems to me you're more likely to die of radiation poisoning than be harmed by McDonald's coffee.
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(speaking of radiation poisoning, I think I need to swallow a fire alarm. Americium is radioactive -- think of the $$$ -- there's no warning on the things.)
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Everything tastes better when you have a gun in your hand.
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