A good combination bike trailer/jogging stroller?
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Can you recommend a good combination bike trailer/jogging stroller.

Once my baby can safely do it, I'd like to take him on bike rides and jogging trips, but I don't have the room to really store both of them. Is there a good combination one that my wife and I should keep our eye out for?
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There are a lot to choose from here.
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Thanks mattbucher. Do any mefites have any personal experiences/preferences?
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A good writeup of various kid/bike/cargo options.
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With my boy, I use a Cougar 1 for cycling. I have no complaints and, in particular, like its narrow footprint. Given the quality and thought apparent at Chariot, I can imagine that it makes a fine stroller as well. (For what it's worth, the unit does attract a lot of attention in the little town where I ride. I am not sure if it's an issue of novelty in general or that it does appear to be much more than a bent aluminum tube wrapped in a tent.)
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We looked at a bunch for cycling, and talked to people on the street who had them, and ended up with the Chariot CX. Burley and Chariot seem to be very durable and get good reviews in this very child-biking-friendly town of Cambridge, MA. I see some Schwinn's around, too. Anyway, I'm not a runner so I haven't used it in that regard, but I'm very happy with the cycling performance. It seems very manoeuverable off the bike for the times when we're switching it from one bike to another or moving it around the garage, etc. I can't tell from your question, but will this be your only stroller? If so, be sure to look at the way they fold down for carrying/storing/traveling.
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You can spend a lot of time (and $) on this. Provided cost is not the main constraint, save yourself some hassle and get a Chariot. I was tempted to splurge on the CX but ended up thinking the Cougar was sufficient. What I read and saw and found was that the Chariots are best-in-class for running, and as-good-as-Burley as a bike trailer.

One thing: as a stroller, the Chariot is ginormous. No more so than the Burley, but it still surprised me when I put it together. I wouldn't take it in a store smaller than Walmart.
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I have the Baby Jogger Switchback Hybrid. I bought it because it switches between jogger and cycling mode in a minute or two. I've only used it as a jogger so far, but I love it. My son really loves it too. It's certainly bigger than the single Baby Jogger (Q-Series) that we also have, but I don't really notice it while running. The downside is that it is pricey: $599.
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I think I was able to knock the price down by using a 25% off coupon code for Sports Authority.
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