How much do you pay your nanny?
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How much do you pay your nanny? I'm in the process of hiring a regular babysitter for my kids. I've found someone I like, a college student with tons of experience who's really great with my little ones. She'll just be here two mornings a week-- one morning with just my infant and the other morning with my toddler as well. How much should I offer her? What about tips? What else do I need to know? This is in Chicago, but I'm also curious if the going rate varies in different parts of the country/world.
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Best answer: in Chicago, $12/hr to $14/hr if she's a student with experience.

In Madison, when I worked as a nanny (I've done everything!), I got $12/hr plus gas plus health insurance, but that was for full-time. Give quarterly bonuses equal to a week's pay or a christmas bonus equal to a month's pay - those are nanny standard bonuses.
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I've done part-time nannying in the northwest, and I charge about $10/hour. However, I really like doing it, so I'll willing to accept a lower rate than others might...
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These rates are shockingly lower than what a nanny would get on the East coast. A babysitter for $12, yes, for the occasional night out or afterschool. But a college-educated, experienced actual nanny? Here, it would be at least $20.
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In 1994/1995 I worked full time as a nanny in Wilmette and made $400 a week for 55 hours with four kids. Apparently I was cheap, but then again, so were my employers. c'est la vie.
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In SF, the going rate is $15 to $20 / hr, depending on experience and duties. This is for one child and does not include tax gross-up.
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Best answer: I worked as an occasional babysitter in New England (North Shore of MA), and I made about $12-$15 an hour. As for tips, I can't imagine she would expect them. Just make sure to cover any expenses you impress upon her- if you ask her to take the kids out for ice cream, give her a little cash (not that you'd send a baby out for ice cream... but you get the picture). If you're making a reasonable effort, she will not hate you. You wouldn't believe the people who break out the dimes and nickels when they go to pay their babysitter (their 13 year old babysitter, who made dinner for the entire family. Whatever, I needed the money.)
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In Oakland (SF Bay area) we paid between $10/hr and $18/hr for different levels of experience. However, the hourly rate really doesn't match either the affinity a particular nanny has for your little ones or vice versa -- it also seems not to match their ability, since we only had the most expensive (and experienced) one for a total of 2 days until she dropped both our daughter and another families' son while he was here, then lied about it. One black eye each for a week, they had.

The best so far was the cheapest -- only spoke Spanish (we speak none), didn't drive, but was everything you could hope for in someone you'd want to look after your child for you. Caring, attentive, pleasant, willing to accommodate our needs (once we'd translated through her niece). In fact, if anyone's looking for a nanny in the East Bay, drop me an email 'cos she's looking for work now...

Make sure that you agree on a trial period after which you can review the arrangement, is my advice. Otherwise you may end up with someone that your kids are attached to but who doesn't meet your needs (e.g. communication difficulties/issues with feeding wrong kinds of food/etc.)
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> The best so far was the cheapest


Not sure how to finesse it, but maybe you should concoct a medium between what you're willing to pay for the service (and that has to do with your value for it) and what the best examples of the job in your neighborhood receive. Have you checked with other local parents?
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