Distance learning in IR - more MSc than PhD
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Postgraduate qualifications in International Relations by distance learning: does anyone know of any good schools or courses, I'm thinking probably MSc rather than PhD. Also any experiences with distrance learning gratefully appreciated
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Well, I first thought of University of London's external program, which is highly regarded, but then I checked and saw that they didn't have a postgrad in international relations.

You might check, though. I may have missed something.
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What do you want to do with it?
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As far as I can figure from this page, there are no UK institutions offering a postgrad masters degree in international relations by distance learning. You may be able to find relevant stuff that would be of interest there. Leave the course line blank to bring up a full list of courses pertinent to whatever you put in the qualification box. The international centre for distance learning may also have some useful links.
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I'm in IR as an academic field... and there's really no high quality postgrad distance learning programs that I'm aware of.
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I second what Kobayashi is saying; I seriously doubt any schools offer a distance Graduate program in IR.

I'm doing my undergrad degree in IR in Toronto right now, just out of curiosity where are you guys studying?
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