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The Koko the gorilla post in the blue reminded me of a video I saw on the internet about a year ago. I've since lost the link. Basically, it's a chimpazee that wears a waistcoat and shorts, and does all sorts of human activities. The one I remember best was it kickstarting a kid's motorbike, and proceeding to ride around on it. It was amazing, i'd be so grateful if anyone could help me track it down again.

Googling just brings up a bunch of crap, including the famous 'karate chimp' clip...
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Could it be Cody the Chimp? Appeared in the fantastic Motocross Kids (aka Moto X Kids) with Lorenzo Lamas...

Other than that, just an awful lot of stuff about George Bush and Pamela Anderson and her calls for an end to the use of chimps and monkeys in Hollywood (Oh no! No sequel to Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes? Say it ain't so!)

Was there anything else the chimp did to narrow it down a bit?
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Response by poster: I think he smoked a cigar as well!?
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Oh, was it Oliver?
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