Is there a nice free program to use to automatically change desktop wallpapers?
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I've got rather a lot of desktop wallpapers. Is there any nice (freeware) program I can use to automatically change these? I'm using Windows XP.
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What about this?
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there's an xp power toy on the ms site. does the job well enough, but it wanders through the list rather than being random.
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This is the second time in a few days that someone has asked a question I was just begining to idly wonder about. (Wireless power being the other.) Thanks much.

I also just found this but haven't tried it yet.
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Check this page at virtual plastic. It lists several useful and free apps that do just what you ask.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 6:23 AM on August 9, 2004 has a free app that will manage them all and fade them in and out, a la Mac. It's free, and seems pretty harmless.
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Not useful response: I had this conundrum a while ago, and started writing just such a program. It was really cool and could do neat things with scaling like xv and some other cool tricks like blending semi-transparent wall papers with your desktop colour. Then I lost all the source in a hard drive crash :(
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For what it's worth, Quickchanger seemed really cool but just completely froze up my computer (win xp).
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Webshots works for me, and gives me new wallpapers every so often.
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If anyone wanders across this through searching, I ended up using dWall. It didn't suck, which put it above many of the others. For instance, Quickchanger looks pretty cool but used a hideous resizing algorithm in scaling up. I think it just repeats rows. And Pictureshare makes you add each wallpaper to a list, so you can't just have a wallpaper directory that you dump files in. Dwall is simple, doesn't have an ugly skin, has a few useful options, and does the job. Only negative is that you have to specify wallpaper change time in minutes, when I want something more like days. Calculator solves that problem though.
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