Google calendar on desktop?
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I would like to overlay my Google Calendar on my desktop wallpaper in Vista. I'd like it to be translucent so that I can still see my wallpaper, but visible enough that it is easy to read. Is there a (preferably free) program that will let me do this?

I tried using Samurize but it didn't really work. Does anyone know of a solution for this problem? Are there any other programs like Samurize that will display a Google Calendar on the desktop?
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I use Rainlendar (not with Google Calendar), which looks like it can sync with Google Calendar using this. Lifehacker explains.
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icalviewer is the (wonderful) solution to this for Mac, in case anyone's interested.
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seconding Rainlendar. I use it with Google Calendar and it is really simple to set up.
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Damnit, came in here to suggest Rainlendar! Damn you niles! :)
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