Help us move from MD to NJ!
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We're moving from MD to NJ in mid-June. Looking for information/recommendations for good movers.

I've contacted several companies for estimates. Unfortunately, they all seem to do things differently.

First company came to my house and gave an estimate of 7700 lbs that will cost us almost $3500.

Second company used the 7700 lbs (from the in-home estimate provided by the first company) to get 1100 cubic feet which would cost us about $1900.

Third company estimated approximately 12 hours of labor at $75 per hour for 3 movers which would cost us about $900.

So, you see that all three are basing their estimates on different things, and the discrepancy in pricing is huge.

We'd love to use the The Green Movers, if only because we have a very limited amount of money available to us. I've tried looking for information about the company online, and haven't found anything at all. Nothing bad, but nothing good either. Just nothing. Does anyone know of this company or have any experience with them?
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The Moving Scam site is a great resource, particularly the forums. I'd search or post a question there...
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Unless regulations have changed, interstate moves are regulated by the federal government. These rules include that estimates are binding. They can't charge more than that.

You can't judge a mover by company name. What matters is the local people. It may be that, with such a short distance, the same people will pack/load and unload/unpack. Maybe not. It's nice if the same, it prevents shuffling blame around when something is broke.

The big difference between movers is how they pack, as in, materials and the degree of care taken. Oh, and how smoooooth their salesmen are at convincing you they're the best. Then there is the difference is services, like, do they do the packing? Do they do the unpacking? Beware as well of whether they accept liability for any "flat pack" furniture (the stuff that comes in boxes, and you put together, like Ikea). Some movers insist on taking stuff apart. Lots of flat pack furniture looses its stability/solidness from this.
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I've been all over the Moving Scam site, and haven't found information about either The Green Movers or All Towns and Country. I guess it wouldn't hurt to post a question there. I've also checked both companies on the various licensing/insurance sites by using their USDOT #s. They are who they say they are, and seem to have all of the required things movers should have.

As far as packing goes, we'll be handling all of that. I have a lot of experience packing and unpacking (I worked for a service that provided just that), so that doesn't even factor into my decision. We're looking specifically for people who will MOVE our stuff. There comes a point when you're "adult" enough that the furniture you have is too big and your friends are just too "busy with other things" to help you lug your stuff around.

Also, it sounds like both of these companies will be using the same crew for the entire move.
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