Vet for a bunny in Los Angeles?
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Vet for a bunny in Los Angeles?

I have a new bunny, Baron von Floppy Ears! A friend found him on the street and I'm adopting him, so I guess I need a vet. Anyone know a good one, as close to Silverlake as possible?

A bonus would be any info on how often rabbits typically need to go to the vet and how much I can expect to pay. thanks!
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Best answer: Congrats on your new friend.
This website is invaluable for information and health info.
Here is their page on rabbit vets in LA.

My rabbit visits in NY cost me $70, not including medication. I only take my guy when something is wrong, and I always call first (sometimes they tell me to stop freaking out and wait a day, sometimes they tell me to bring him in.) I go about once a year maybe. They don't need a lot of attention after the fixin', unless they are sick.

As a side question, is this a wild (small, brown, wiry) rabbit or a fluffy pet rabbit that got out?
Wild rabbits should be left outside or brought to a shelter if they are injured.
Pet rabbits should be cared for, but you might want to also put a message up on a community board or lightpost in case the owner wants him back.

To start, buy timothy hay (still green), alfalfa pellets (1/4-1/2 cup/day), and dark leafy greens like kale or spinach. Don't give tons of greens until you know how his digestive system is feeling (sometimes leaves make them runny).
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I might or might not be obsessed with rabbits, so please mefi mail me or email me in my profile with any other questions or concerns.

Also, please post pictures!
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Response by poster: I will put up some pictures of him when I get a chance.

He is clearly a pet rabbit, my friend put up ads in her neighborhood but no one has come forth to claim him. thanks for the info!
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Now let's talk about poop!
Do you have a cage for him yet? Once you do, you'll notice that he will eliminate in one corner of the cage almost exclusively. Buy a low storage tub or kitty litter pan (like this) and get a bag of Yesterday's News.
Fill about 1/3 up and stick in poop corner. Put a few of his poops in it so he knows what's up. He'll figure it out in a few days.
Then he'll start going in there and cleanup will be as easy as dumping the litter 1/week.

You can also easily transition him to cageless living once he's used to the litterbox (if you want to- it does involve some reorganization of wires and chewy wooden things on your part if you do).
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I am proud to say that I am also obsessed with rabbits! haha It seems that rmless has got this awesomely handled already though. Just one thing to add, check out The Language of Lagomorphs. This is hands-down the most comprehensive, enjoyable site I have ever read on understanding bunnies.
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One recommendation to add: wood stove pellets are dirt cheap compared to Yesterday's News, and seem to keep the bunny pee odor down better (the bunny rescue org. I volunteer with uses them for a shelter housing up to thirty buns at a time, and doesn't smell any worse than my three litterboxes when I have to use the actual litter). Though I guess they might be harder to find in L.A.
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Recommend Rainbow Veterinary Hospital in Burbank. They have discounted services (PDF) on certain days.
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Yeah Mefi bunny club!

As long as there's no noticeable behaviour changes, you don't need regular vet visits beyond the initial check-up. I've had my Ted Bunny for three and a half years and she's only needed the vet once after her spay.

If your rabbit is female and unspayed, please have her spayed. Rabbits are extremely susceptible to reproductive system cancers* and you can avoid them with one quick operation.

Good luck! Bunnies are the best!

[*I've lost two that way]
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