Mummy, why is that man wearing a shirt dress?
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Shirt too long to wear untucked—what to do? Or just hang with it.

I've recently bought a few 'L' size Ralph Lauren casual long-sleeve button down shirts off eBay; while they're all very impressive, they are very long. Long like they look like a bizarre male night-dress long. So much so that I'm think I can't really wear them untucked, which I'd prefer to do. Their length is fine if I want to wear them tucked in (for more formal/dressier situations), but as an overweight guy tucked shirts plus pants equals belly issues! So on the whole I'd prefer to wear shirts untucked. I'm young as well, which lends one more to untucked shirts also.

As such, is it possible to have them taken up ('hemmed'? is that the word?)? Roughly, like what I'd do if I had some pants that were too long.

Or is the length just part of the 'RL appeal', and as such people will not laugh at me if I wear them untucked (and coming down to my mid-thighs) when I'm out and about? I have a few polo shirts that are longer in the back flap/vent, so maybe it's all about length?
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Absolutely, take them to a tailor. Length is one of the easiest dimension to fix. Just ask to have them hemmed.
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Yeah, hem those suckers.
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Did you accidently by LT instead of L? I.e., the "tall" version? If so, you may be able to swap them for the normal versions at your favorite retailer.
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Best answer: Oh, and not trying to be inappropriate or crude or sexist or racist or presumptuous or anything, but you may wish to keep one of them as-is, in case you have a lady guest.
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This is a tailor's bread and butter.
Seriously, I think everyone should take their dress clothes to a tailor.
For not a lot of money (probably less than $150 total if you don't have a massive wardrobe), you can make everything fit perfectly, which makes you look SO MUCH more put-together.
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Best answer: I just had a tailor shorten a new shirt for me the other day; it can be done! Keep in mind that they can probably either keep the natural curve of the bottom of the shirt, or flatten it out like many shirts people wear untucked. You should decide which you might prefer. Of course, depending on your shirt in particular, your mileage may vary, actual results may differ from those portrayed here, IMNAT, etc...
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I'm off to see if the gals who do my pants will oblige.
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