Who will buy my suit?
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I live in London. Where should I sell my suits?

I recently inherited about 20 suits from my step-dad, and for the past few months they've been hanging in a cupboard while I figure out what to do with them. I've picked out about half a dozen I want to keep, and I'd like to get rid of the rest.

My step-dad was really into his suits. Some were made especially for him on Savile Row, some are tailored, and some are just by good labels. They mostly date from the mid-seventies, but there are no unfortunate zoot suits or similar - just typical plain or pinstriped business fare. I know some of them cost in the hundreds of pounds when they were bought. Some of them could do with cleaning, some with pressing.

So, do I have any chance of getting a decent price for them, and if so, where? Do I try my luck on e-bay, or are there any shops or traders who'll buy them from me? I live in East London and I have no car, so it's kind of difficult for me to transport them, but I'm willing to find a way to lug them about if it'll help me sell them.
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Why not post the sizes, some Mefites might be interested?
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Seconding Wilder's suggestion. I've dropped you a line.
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Response by poster: I'll work on getting the exact measurements, but he was about 5'11" and medium build. A couple of the suits have size labels marked 42R.

If anyone's interested in buying any suits, my e-mail's in my profile so we can discuss that; I'm happy to ship them anywhere.

On preview: Wow, nice one MrMustard -- however I've just updated the e-mail in my profile (to the gmail address) - any chance you could resend to that? Thanks!

I should also mention that as well as the suits, there's a heavy overcoat, a tuxedo, and a full-on tailcoat with a cape and a white silk scarf!
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Best answer: Wrong side of London I know, but I'd contact Hornets in Kensington which is a "men's clothing exchange" selling second hand Savile Row suits, smoking jackets etc. (I've no idea whether they offer good prices to a seller.)
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Best answer: You know how eBay works, so I won't go into detail there except to mention that it's a popular place to look for people wanting to buy high-end clothing. Take good measurements, look at existing auctions from experienced sellers to see what's expected.

As for selling locally, you're really looking at two options: selling them to a shop, or selling them via a consignment shop. When you sell to a shop, you walk away with the money right away, but you don't get anywhere near what you'd get at a consignment shop. At a consignment shop, you don't get the money until your clothes sell but you end up with a higher percentage of what they went for.

If they're recognizable labels, in excellent condition, and you can determine the necessary information (fabric, age, etc.), I'd go with eBay. Their take will be much less than either a secondhand shop or a consignment shop's would be.
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Old Hat on Fulham High Street is a mere hop skip and a jump away on the District Line. I don't think you'll get the best price for them, but the shop is an experience in itself. The French shop assistants who work there are *breathtakingly* rude in the way that only attractive French girls can be. I love it and, consequently, have 3 more suits than I need.
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Try Vintage Clothes 8 Fulham High Street SW6 020 7736 5038.
Never dealt with them before myself though.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, all good suggestions!
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