Where to hear slightly obscure hits
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Is there an Internet radio station that specializes in the stuff that "bubbled under" the Top 40 during the 1970s/80s?

It's pretty easy to find 70s/80s hits by tuning in the local Jack FM or 80s on XM. But is there an Internet station that specializes in the less successful hits? Who out there will serve up stuff like Sausalito Summernight, On A Carousel (Glass Moon), and Stan Ridgway's Southbound? Hitting an forgotten gem of old FM radio is like sentimental paydirt. Ideas on who to tune in to?

And I really know nothing about Internet radio... last.fm is about as far as my knowledge goes and it's been 4 years since I've messed with Internet radio, so feel free to type with the kid gloves.
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Try Flashback Alternatives.
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Dunno if its what you are looking for, but I "enhance" the work day by listening to radionigel.com. Might be labeled as alternative '70s (late "70's ) and '80's.
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this might be an excellent question to ask in the sound opinions forum, where lots of geeks hang out. the show incidentally just did an episode on long-lost gems that you might find interesting. it's their most recent podcast.
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FWIW, I've heard Sausalito Summer Night on XM plenty of times on the 80s on 8.
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