How do I move a blog from a subfolder to domain root?
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What's the best way to move a Yahoo-hosted WordPress blog (v2.5.1) from a subfolder (e.g. to the root of the domain (e.g.

Here's the timeline:
  1. We bought a domain and hosting package from Yahoo to quickly get a website up for my wife's home business.
  2. I built a static webpage for my wife.
  3. I added a Wordpress blog (v2.0.2) to the site in a /blog/ subfolder using Yahoo's tools.
  4. I upgraded to the non-Yahoo-supported v2.5.1.
  5. I purchased a professional theme that works well (for our needs) as a content management system.
  6. I copied the content of the existing non-blog pages into WordPress as Pages.
I'd now like to move the blog from the /blog/ subdirectory to the root of the site and have it answer all requests for What's the best way to accomplish this? I'd be happy to leave the files in place and simply redirect, but yahoo does not allow .htaccess files.
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Wordpress has some great docs for this, particularly- this one.
posted by self at 9:58 PM on May 20, 2008

linky no work. Is it this one?
posted by pmbuko at 10:14 PM on May 20, 2008

Taking your clue to check the docs, I found this page.

Thanks (not my)self.
posted by pmbuko at 10:18 PM on May 20, 2008

No problem- that's the very same one I was trying to link to before it got bunked.
posted by self at 6:38 AM on May 21, 2008

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