Road trip! Mendocino to Calgary in 4 days.
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Honeymoon-ish road trip from Mendocino CA to Calgary AB. Routes? Sights? Places to stay?

Greetings Hivemind,

I'm getting married on June 14th on Vancouver Island. My wife and I are driving down to Mendocino for a few days at a bed and breakfast and then planning to head across the western states and back to Calgary. We have four days in which to do so before we need to be back for work on the Monday. I recognize that we'll need to do some longer days in the car but plan to see some stuff as well.

I'm very familiar with Washington, Oregon and California but have never driven through Nevada or Utah or southern Idaho before.

I'm looking for preferred routes, notable bed and breakfasts, etc. This might be late for some quality planning but we're on the adventurous/outdoors-minded side and don't mind being flexible or staying at an el cheapo if nothing else comes up.

We won't be camping (for a change) and have a penchance for photography and nice places to hike/run. Not looking for heart shaped beds.
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SF--Reno--Salt Lake City--Yellowstone--(Glacier NP--Banff)*--Calgary

*Time permitting, if you haven't already been there; otherwise, just go via Lethbridge.
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Best answer: This will be a great drive for you. I have made the trip many times. Check out Zions national park in Utah. It is unlike anywhere you have ever been. You will be driving by one of my favorite places in Alberta. Lake Louise. I would suggest hiking to the back side of the lake and climb up a little. You will see jaw dropping images of the lake and mountains. As for places to stay in Alberta, I would suggest Canmore. It is a great little town with great people, food and pubs. If you have time in Idaho I would suggest taking a detour and driving through Yellowstone. It is every bit what you have heard and well worth the time.

Congrats on the marriage!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far. I should clarify that I live in Calgary and am very familiar with Lake Louise/Canmore etc and am more looking for suggestions south of the border...
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Congrats! and yes Zion NP is amazing----better than the Grand Canyon in my book.
Don't forget about!
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nthing Yellowstone and Zion national parks. Also, if you're into oddball kind of roadside attractions, check out for places along your intended route for interesting and entertaining distractions from all the long days of driving.

Congrats to you and your bride!
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