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I grew up in northern Michigan and spent my early years eating wonderful hotdogs and sausages cooked by Polish geniuses. Where in the Charlotte-Piedmont-North Carolina-anywhere in the southeast can I find a good meat market? Something like this.
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I don't have an answer for you, but you're off to a good start by not calling them "coneys". The first time my (Michigander) wife told me she wanted to go to a Coney Island, it confused the hell out of this New Yorker.
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Maybe try Grateful Growers. They raise their own pork and make their own sausages, including Polish sausage. They show up at most of the local farmers markets.
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William's Pork is in Lumberton, NC. I have ordered some sausages and bacon from them, and it was great stuff, the lincolnshire sausages in particular.
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Boone Trail Thrift Mart in Fayetteville, NC sells a lot of german sausages, etc.
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