When you die, what song do you want played at your funeral?
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When you die, what song do you want played at your funeral?

I ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Can't decide if I wan't people to crack up with my delightful wit (Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart), bum everyone out, and ruin a perfectly good song with the memory of their greif at my loss ("Dust in the Wind"), or maybe somewhere in-between (Talking Heads - "Heaven").

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What Happens When We Die by Luke Haines.

link is to lyrics
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In order of preference:
"To the Sky" -Cure
"No One is Alone" - Sondheim
"Heaven or Las Vegas" - Cocteau Twins
and "Being Boring" - Pet Shop Boys (altho that one's been a standard for years at most of the memorials i've been to, so probably not, and it's dated now)
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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere Over the Rainbow cover. Kitschy, yes, but I don't care; I'll be dead, remember?

(Note: I hope this thread doesn't end up some omg eerie, morbid, cyberspace coincidence where someone who posts actually dies and bloggers everywhere point to this thread and talk about how sad it is.)
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No contest. The Arrogant Worms, Don't Go Into Politics.
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What a coincidence. I'm with Hankins. Iz's Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World cover.
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This was a question at a rock DJ meeting that I was at once. One of the better answers was the first three minutes of The Incredible String Band's "A Very Cellular Song".

(I think I said Bob Drake's "In the Tomb" or Shub-Niggurath's "Yog Sothoth".)
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something by george michael, perhaps? i don't listen to his music, but he is (was?) more than capable of hitting a good, danceable groove - i'm assuming this "funeral" would be some kind of party; that my partner would outlive me, and that she'd be dancing 'til daybreak.
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Theme from Shaft. But with the word 'black' dubbed with 'dead', and the name 'shaft' dubbed with my name.

"Who's the dead private dick that's a sex machine with all the chicks? John Kenneth Fisher! (you're damn right.)"

I'm actually only slightly kidding. I want my funeral to be a joyous affair, though I know saying that sets me up for many "oh, it will be" kind of jibes.
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Anything from Metal Machine Music will do.
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Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
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cast your fate to the wind vince guaraldi, as played by my dad.
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"So Long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music: "Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu." Or maybe "Shoot Out the Lights" by Richard and Linda Thompson. Or maybe The Pretenders' "2000 Miles."
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A lone piper on a mist covered hill in the distance playing the immortal rendition of "Do ya think I'm sexy" has always been my wish.
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Pulp - 'I Spy'
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I've never been to a funeral where music was played. Where is this a common practice? I'd favor a Mozart or Verdi Requiem Missa: dona eis requiem...et lux perpetua luceat eis.
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I think funerals/wakes should be fun, and involve lots of alcohol, so "Ecstacy in Decay" by Cannibal Corpse while the first keg is tapped, followed by Irish drinking songs.
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Nobody wants Danny Boy any more?

I'd bet Dar Williams' I Love, I Love would fit well:
And were I a deadwood ship, my heart a compass
I would leave with inanimate grace, no love could touch me
But I live and I know that I'll burn as I grow
Though it might break my heart to walk away and so

As a moon may adore you and remain, high moon
The wind may crown your head with leaves, and keep blowing
So I'll stop and I'll watch you, for I love, I love
And then be on my way. And then be on my way.
There's also a choral piece by a local Utah composer Ralph Woodward called A Day in Spring that's beautiful, beautiful, much in the way Danny Boy is.
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Oh yeah, requia. I'm also partial to the Requiem of both Faure and Rutter.
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I'm... too sexy for this life... too sexy for this life...

(real answer: I'll be dead, and couldn't care less what people do at that point)
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I'm with Woody Allen on the whole question of my death, but this reminds me of an anecdote that strikes me as hilarious in retrospect.

If you grew up in Chicago during the 80s, you know who Steve Dahl is: a radio personality. He had a friend, Marcus Palmer. In 1983 (?? too lazy to look it up) Marcus was apparently in ill health, and underwent surgery. Steve got a call on the air that Marcus had died on the operating table. In shock, he had the engineer play the next song, which had already been cued up.

It was Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."
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I'd like one of my good musician friends to write a song using the words to A Late Fragment.

And then something like Star! by Erasure... or 19-2000 by Gorillaz to get things movin'.
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Slayer - Hell Awaits
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you know, for many years i would have said "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who.

but lately i'm thinking "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot" by Caramba pretty much says it all.
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No contest: smog, "Dress Sexy At My Funeral":

Dress sexy at my funeral my good wife
For the first time in your life
Wear your blouse undone to here
And your skirt split up to here

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Couldn't Call It Unexpected (No. 4)

So toll the bell or rock the cradle
Please don't let me fear anything I cannot explain
I can't believe, I'll never believe in anything again

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How about St. James Infirmary, while we're moving that direction...
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John Cage - Four Minutes, Thirty-three Seconds.
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Pogues, "Body of an American"
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the gories - six cold feet
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Lucky by Radiohead.

Although a friend of mine always says he wants the Imperial March from the Empire Strikes Back which would be cool so if i die before him i might nick it.
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Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral and/or Hand of Doom have always struck me as good funeral songs
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Enya's Memory of Trees.

But the truth is I will wind up with church music, which is okay, as by then I will have probably written something suitable anyhow.

Morbid or not, folks, do plan your funerals. I have been to a few in the last few years that have been doozies. One you could have sold tickets to. So you really don't want to leave things to grieving amateurs.
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Fleetwood Mac, "Landslide"

If I live to a ripe old age, it'll be in spite of my hobbies... I'm most likely to die in an accident of some sort. "Landslide" describes the kind of wonder I'm always trying to seek out in the world around me, and my hope that someday the rest of my family will stop being afraid of everything and choose to experience more.
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"Baby, Im-A Want You"
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Spread Your Wings by Queen.
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Free Bird
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Metallica's cover of the Imperial March, from Star Wars, natch.
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I don't care what you play at my funeral, as I don't expect to be there.
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I want to be cremated, and have them dump my ashes into the driveway for traction during the winter.

No funeral, no music, no nothing. I find all that corpse worshiping icky!
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Festive Overture at the climax of the cremation ceremony, with Crazy Train beginning immediately thereafter.
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Bach, "Erbarm'dich Mein, O Herre Gott"
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"Fire and Rain" - James Taylor
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"Farewell Transmission" by songs:ohia. make sure you visit the site and check out the guy's unibrow.
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"Dig me out" by Sleater-Kinney.
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"Smoke gets in my eyes" and "great balls of fire" would be fun, but I intend to be burnt, thankyouverymuch.

Slightly more seriously, "We'll all go together when we go" by Tom Lehrer would be about my style.
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"At My Funeral" - Crash Test Dummies
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I'd say "Like a friend" by Pulp, except that it doesn't really work at all. And I second the whole burn-me-or-dump-me thing.

(or third, or twenty-eleventh, I'm not counting)
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Yerfatma, You stole my idea!
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'Psycho Mafia' - The Fall
'Song to the Siren' - This Mortal Coil version
'Go For It' - Coventry City 1987 FA Cup winning squad
'Interactive' - TQ1
'Satellite of Love' - Lou Reed

Hymn: 'Abide With Me'

This is actually in my will ;-)
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"Hell", by Squirrel Nut Zippers. haha.
Seriously, a stupid ask me though. Please refrain guys
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I always thought this Poi Dog Pondering song was perfect:

Put away your tongues and roll up your sleeves
Pick up your shovel and bury me deep
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Apparently I'm one of the few who wouldn't want a DJ with one headphone earpiece to his ear at his funeral. It's pretty conventional, but I want Barber's "Adagio for Strings", Bach's "St. Matthew's Passion" and/or Brahms "Ein Deutsches Requiem".
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If she were alive, I would've liked Linda McCartney to do a very respectful, very somber tambourine solo as they lowered me into the ground. She was the real talent in that marriage.
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drats! well it looks like dude took all the press photos off of the songs:ohia site. but it's important to me that you guys see his unibrow so:

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Christ. That brow is seriously nonpluralistic.
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...while the first keg is tapped, followed by Irish drinking songs.

Good call: Wild Rover for me

And it's No, Nay, Never . . . . No, Nay, Never, No more
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Any or all of Channel Light Vessel's "Bill's Last Waltz", and Kate St. John's "My Goodbyes" and "Coloniel Sinnott's Song of Love." Appropriate mood, little hopeful, and my one last chance of subverting anyone's musical tastes from the grave.
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If I'm done in by my lack of tact, I definitely want The Clash's "Somebody Got Murdered."
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what, no one said "Seasons in the Sun"? ; >

Goodbye my friend it's hard to die
When all the birds are singing in the sky
(and a midi version)
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I was asked this question a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't think of an appropriate one so I tried to write it.

As I did I realized the chord structure and changes were a complete rip off of Neutral Milk Hotel's "Two Headed Boy, Pt. 2", so I'm going with that. Or possibly "Dry the Rain" by the Beta Band.

Although I'm not much for funerals. As far as I care they should just harvest my organs and dump my body somewhere they see fit. I hope people don't mourn my passing but instead celebrate my life.
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I heard that at Janis Joplin's funeral, she had decreed in her will that they drop a piano from a great height at the service. They did it too, apparently.

Songs? Sidney Bechet's Black Stick and Tom Waits' Anywhere I Lay My Head. And the 12" single version of Da Da Da by Trio. That'll keep the festivities short.

Then, and a New Orleans-style cabaret jazz band with lots of horns at the wake. You know. To encourage the flow of good memories. You know.
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"I Was A Maoist Intellectual" by Momus
(You gotta scroll down for full lyrics)

I gave up ideology the day I lost my looks
I never found a publisher for my little red books
When I died the energy released by my frustration
Was nearly enough for re-incarnation
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without a doubt, the entire suite from Coltrane's A Love Supreme
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I've been thinking about this question all afternoon, and it's down to Modest Mouse's Cowboy Dan or Blind Willie McTell's Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues.
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(This is possibly gonna label me a complete geek but...)

"Into the West" by Annie Lennox and Howard Shore. Yep, that's right, the end credits music to Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

But I want the memorial to be done on a beach on Maui, at sunset.
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Is it wrong for a white boy to want a New Orleans jazz funeral?
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Shadows In A Mirror by Chris Isaak. Or maybe Little Black Flowers.
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"The Waiting for Something Worse to Happen Waltz", because I wrote it, played on it, and it sums up how I feel pretty well.
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311 - I'll be here awhile

Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I'm not going to haunt my friends for a long ass time.
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Box of Rain by Robert Hunter and Phil Lesh, performed by the Grateful Dead.
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Time Is Tight, of course (although Highway To Hell might get a laugh).
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I recently did a death/funeral mix after losing my grandmother. Here's the tracklisting:

We're All Gonna Die Someday - Kasey Chambers
Sweetness Follows - REM
Amsterdam - Coldplay
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Don't Go Away - Oasis
Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam - Nirvana
Nan's Song - Robbie Williams
Toronto #4 - Tragically Hip
Autumn's Here - Hawksley Workman
Angel - Sarah McLachlan
In My Life - Beatles
We'll Meet Again - Johnny Cash

(Oops, sorry - I thought this was ArtOfTheMix.org)

For myself, I'd probably take nearly any song on that list but you can't go wrong with the Beatles one (or Kasey Chambers if I go for the "celebrate life and party" funeral instead.)

On a related note, when my first grandmother passed away I always thought it was hilarious that her choir group sang "Blowing In The Wind" - I guess I just never expected to hear a Dylan song in that setting for some reason.
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My friend Ian had the Star Trek theme (next gen) played at his funeral. The bastard really raised the bar with that one. None of us saw it coming.

So, in competition, if I get cremated, I'm having one of the following:
Ash - Burn Baby Burn
Nelly - It's Getting Hot In Here
Tom Jones & The Cardigans - Burning Down The House

On the other hand, if I'm buried, it's gonna be:
Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground
The Jam - Going Underground

Terrible, cheesey crap. Roll on 2065!
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Mahler's Symphony #2, "Resurrection"
And yes, the attendees can damn well sit there and listen for 80 minutes. It's my funeral, after all.
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