Where's a good source for instrumental, edgy, creative commons licensed music?
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I'm looking for good sources of creative-commons licensed, edgy rock instrumental music. A really good example of this is www.saviumsaliva.com. The music there just seems to work for the podcast that I'm working on. I've tried Jamendo, and one other "search engine" for creative commons licensed music, but slow going. I keep hoping for the motherlode.. So far, not so much. Anyone have any other suggestions for places to look? Thanks!
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<5min on your favorite search engine and creativecommons.org.
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Don't forget the old standby of free entertainment, the internet archive. http://www.archive.org/details/audio
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm aware of the search engines. I was looking for sources beyond that for the particular type of music that was looking for. If you use those search engines, you'll find that they don't turn up much music that sounds like I describe.

Thanks anyway.
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