Any recommendations for non-English rap/hip-hop songs?
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Any recommendations for non-English rap/hip-hop songs? I've found a couple I like ("Represent" by Orishas (Spanish), "Hasta la Vista" by MC Solaar (French)), and I'm trying to put together a full mix CD. Bonus points for songs available on iTunes.
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"Beautiful 21C" from Dance Dance Revolution, as performed by some South Korean guys trying to sound like the Wu-Tang Clan.

MWR's "Because I'm an Arab."
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Not proper rap/hip-hop, but Molotov is Mexican rap-metal. Some in Spanish, some in Spanglish.
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While I am not a connoisseur, those in the know tell me that of all the rappers in Japan, Rhymester is the best.
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MWR (interesting but not fabulous arab rappers, but has mp3s)

and these people are cute too
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Plastilina Mosh are usually described as Mexico's answer to the Beastie Boys. Their song "Afroman" is a particular favorite of mine, as is "Mr P. Mosh". They're mostly spanish rap-rock-whatever with some spanglish mixed in.

MC Solaar is really good, look for more stuff by him. Iam is another french rapper worth checking out.

From Chile, there's "La Posse Latina" (recommended), "Los Tetas" (in a funk/rap vein), "Tiro de Gracia", "Makiza". All in spanish.

Send me an email if you want some tracks.
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Anything by MC Hotdog (not kidding) from Taiwan.
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De La Soul's "Long Island Wildin'" (on Buhloone Mindstate) features some Japanese rapping. It's short though (only 1:30).
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Cantonese is amazingly well suited to rap and hip hop styles. The group of artists known as LMF (lazymuthafucka) produces albums under the LMF name as well as individuals and subsets. They are on Warner Music, out of Hong Kong. All of the music I have obtained of theirs has been directly from Hong Kong, on DVD, VCD and audio CD. They cover a wide variety of styles associated with rap and hip hop, so buying one of their albums is not a sign of what the next album might be like.

I haven't succeeded in locating a place to purchase their music in MP3 format. Definitely not on iTunes.

Someone on #mefi had an incredible mix of French rap and hip hop, but for the life of me I can't remember who.
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Try Nitro Microphone Underground, whom I believe is on Def Jam Japan if that helps. Amazing Japanese hip hop, especially for someone like me who ignored all hip hop until recently.
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There is one kinda famous (and not-that-bad) Israeli rap group. Shabbak Samech. Kinda 'eh, but it does fit your criteria.

Another shout out for MC Solar. He's great.
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It's not purely rap, but I'm a big fan of Control Machete - kind of hardcore metal/rap. Or something. Listen to their track "Si Senior" on iTunes. Fettes Brot is a fairly good German rap group.
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The DJ Krush album "Shinso: The Message in Depth" has a great track called "Taki No Tabiji ", featuring the Japanese rapper Inden.
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Not that this is really useful to you, but I like MC Solaar's album Prose combat and in particular the song "Nouveau western" better than his other stuff.
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The Rough Guide to African Rap has some great stuff on it. Some is English and others are in various African languages. Not completely brilliant throughout, but very solid.
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In Hebrew: Mook E. (formerly in Shabak Samech), Segol 59

Arabic: Tamer Nafer with DAM
posted by terrortubby at 8:31 PM on August 4, 2004 is a great site by italian-american folklorist joe sciorra...
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Wyclef had some good stuff on Carnival, especially Sang Fezi
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ow, quit it
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How can one omit "Dur d'etre Bebe"?
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If you have a sense of humor about it, Ich Kann Nicht Rappen by Die Prinzen is fun. Not real hip hop, but fun (unfortunately, the album Alles nur geklaut isn't on iTunes, though some of their others are).

There was another great sounding tune I think was called Wek by a band something like Die Fantastiche somethin'or'other... can't find it on my iTunes or Google right now. Will try later.
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I also like MC Solaar, especially Prose Combat. Dig that Gainsbourg sample in "Nouveau Western"! "La Concubine de l'Hémoglobine" and "Obsoléte" are really good too.

Living as I do in a heavily Greek neighborhood, I occasionally hear some Greek hip-hop. Check out Ominus...their site has MP3s.

This page has links to crews from all over the place -- it might get you started next time you're on a totally legal, completely legit, fully licensed file-sharing network.
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hey guess what, if you switch to another itunes store, like germany and find something fun to buy there you can't if you signed up in the USA. iTunes needs some help.
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I'm a Francophile, which will explain these selections.

The Fonky Family are probably the best French language rappers IMHO, not necessarily for the rapping, but for the beats. They have some great tunes.

NTM are okay.

IAM are cute, particularly Je danse la mia which has a great Michel Gondry directed video.

Clotaire K is a Lebanese rapper who raps in French. He has this great pan-Arabian rap sound going, which is pretty unique.
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I like Dragon Ash, a Japanese hip hop group.
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Look for "Conquest Of The Irrational" by DJ Vadim feat. a French rap by Jupiter Jam.
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Check out Stupeflip... straight outta' France. Actually, they're kind of rad.
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Starflam is a great Belgian hip hop group, rapping in French.
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Die Fantastischen 4 is great German rap/hip hop. Check out Raus, Krieger, Sie is weg, and Die da, in particular.

Shakkazombie is alright for Japanese - try Shiroi Yami no Naka and Get Yourself Arrested.

I can't tell you much about Dragon Ash, other than I really like the song Grateful Days.

Ketsumeishi is another Japanese group I only really know through one song (Tomodachi), but it's a good one, so you might like to check them out as well.
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I almost forgot about Seth P. Brundel (Spanish).
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For the love of God, will people quit yelping "MC Solaar!" whenever anybody even hints at the topic of non-English rap? What a bore!

Anyway, it would be remiss of me as a obsessif not to mention the one and perhaps only classic rap number by Manau, «La tribu de Dana». Stunning, really. And it's an historical drama!
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